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find your sweet spot


I get it, you're a creative and I'm sure you have a million ideas that you're ready to take action on. Or maybe you have a new idea but you're second guessing if it's the right one to pursue. And because of this you're feeling a little annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed and a bit directionless. In this free video exercise, you'll learn:

  • Exactly why figuring out your brands focus is important to the health of your business

  • The risks you take by not properly nicheing down

  • Exactly how to create a clear and solid brand focus around what you love & not whats currently popular

  • The necessary steps that follow figuring out your focus


So why do I need a "niche" anyway?

For one, once you're clear on exactly what it is you want to do within your business you'll have more time to focus on branding, growing your audience and making money! Also, no one trusts someone who claims to know it all. It is absolutely necessary for you to figure out your brands focus because...

it builds trust with your audience

you position yourself as an expert in your industry

it helps you to create better content

But what if you're really attached to ALL of your ideas?


No worries. If after you complete the first part of this exercise you still feel strongly about pursuing all of your different ideas then I also share an example of how you can effortlessly build your brand around one specifc theme that allows you to still create content around all of the topics you love.

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