month of clarity


stop spending hours stalking google and finally get clear on what you're supposed to be doing with that amazing idea of yours


Maybe you have an amazing idea (or six) but figuring out what to do next is harder than deciding what to binge watch on Netflix.  All you're really wanting to know is if your idea is really worth pursuing and also an actionable plan that shows you the exact steps you need to be taking next in order to get you closer to hitting your goals.

MONTH OF CLARITY is a month long one-on-one coaching package that helps creatives narrow down their brands focus and provides them with a custom action plan of what they need to do moving forward.

After our time together you will...

  • Have a complete and clear understanding of your brands profitable niche
  • Be free of confusion, frustration and second guessing your amazing ideas
  • Know exactly who you will tailor your brand to and how to reach them
  • Be provided with a custom plan of action to help you with building a profitable brand around what you love and not what's popular in your industry
  • Have a clear understanding of your brand messaging and how to position yourself as an expert in your industry

Working with Alisha was the best decision that I made for my brand. She helped me clarify my target audience and establish my mission, create a plan of action which simplified my planning for 2017. With her help, I am no longer overwhelmed or anxious over creating good content that my audience can both identify with and benefit from. She helped me establish a brand that authentically represents me. She is a clarity coach indeed!
— Latoya of



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here's what happens next...

  • You choose your offer and enter in your contact information
  • Look out for the order confirmation in your inbox
  • You'll schedule your first session either from the order confirmation page or your confirmation email
  • You'll complete the client questionnaire & sign the client agreement
  • You'll confirm our time together
  • You'll receive an email shortly afterwards with your session confirmation from Acuity
  • Within 48hrs you'll receive an email from me with the details on how to access your private client portal
  • Two 60-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Private online client portal to submit homework & for client/coach communication
  • LIfetime access to all of our session recordings
  • Any necessary worksheets for you to implement what we go over together
  • Custom action plan tailored to your specific needs and brand (did I mention it will be packaged up all pretty & mailed to your front door?) a new client you'll receive...




Or click here to pay with a payment plan. Not sure if we will be a good fit together? Book your free Quick Clarity Session!


here's what we will cover....

  • How to get 100% clear on your brands focus (also known as your sweet spot)
  • How to develop your brand message & how to use it to stand out in your industry
  • How to uncover your target audience & their biggest pain points
  • The necessary steps you need to take in order to begin building a profitable business

this program is for you if...

  • You're creative with a million ideas but unsure which one is worth pursuing
  • You already have a great idea but you're in need of a little clarity and direction
  • You desperately want a step-by-step process and a no nonsense accountability partner who understands your journey


  • You're not open minded and willing to consider other options beyond your original business idea
  • You're not ready to put in the necessary effort and investment needed to bring your profitable business to life
  • You already have an established brand that brings in a consistent income



  • Gain clarity
  • Launch profitable services and products
  • And position themselves as an authority in their industry

I'm here to make sure you have a clear understanding of how you can turn your purpose or passion into a clear and profitable business model and create a solid plan of action for you to begin bringing in a consistent income. Most importantly, i'm here to make sure you are not going at this alone. I'm your coach, mentor, accountability partner and personal kick in the butt when you need it most.

Alisha got me thinking outside of the box and really motivated me to take my business to the next level. She gave me the confidence to start stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking my freelance business more seriously. Without Alisha, I would still be stuck in the beginning stages and I can never thank her enough for helping me get started!
— Caity of



Or click here to pay with a payment plan. Not sure if we will be a good fit together? Book your free Quick Clarity Session!


1:1 coaching with Alisha is amazing! Alisha is the business coach who is down to earth, knows her stuff, and you will walk away saying “this girl gets me!” Our sessions were always focused and result-driven. Alisha takes the overwhelming concepts of branding and breaks them down into easy to digest methods with strategic plans to implement in your business. She has a heart to see you thrive in your business and Alisha goes above and beyond to help you. Blessed to have invested in coaching with Alisha as she has given me much clarity and guidance to move forward in my business.
— Chamel of