Why Blogging Is The Best Marketing Tool For Entrepreneurs

One of the things that really confused the hell out of me when I first started my business was marketing. Blame it on my introvert ways and the fact that I was relying heavy on the "If you build it, they will come" theory, but the whole idea of putting myself out there was frustrating. When I first started this blog it originally was just supposed to be a place for me to vent and to share my journey as a small business owner. But as I really got into it and began to read other blogs, I realized it was an amazing way to market my business. All of a sudden what once felt so awkward to me suddenly became a little easier.

There is no doubt that blogging has led me to some pretty amazing opportunities. I have "met" so many amazingly creative ladies who share the same interests as me, it has helped me boost sales in my online shop + helped me discover a new passion for coaching other creative business women. Basically, blogging is my JAM!

In my opinion, everyone should blog! Especially if you're looking for another way to grow your personal brand or market your business. 

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And here's why...

1. Blogging makes it easy to connect with your audience and others in your industry. Like I said before, blogging has allowed me to "meet" so many amazing women. Some who are eagerly wanting to start or grow their creative business (my target audience) and some who have been in this business/blogging world for years. Use your blog to not only market what you do but to build your tribe. Trust me its a lot easier when you have like minded people by your side.

Connecting with these individuals is also an easy way for them to tell you what they are needing. Listen to the questions they ask and mold your content around that.

2. Use your blog as a space to show your expertise. All marketing really is is finding different ways to show your audience what you do over and over again. Since I use this space to market my personal brand, I share a lot of business/blogging tips and my favorite business resources. By doing so, I have been able to expand this space into offering business coaching services and have received some amazing clients.

If you're a stylist for example, your blog would be the best place for you to share your personal style, style inspirations and the latest trends. Share what you know and show your audience why you are an expert in that particular industry. 

3. Blogging allows readers to get to know that person behind the brand. I tell my clients often that people will connect with another person before they connect with just a business or a logo. Which is why with many small businesses, you often see the owner! Give them behind the scenes posts, don't be afraid to talk about the good and bad times in your business, most importantly show them that you are human! No one likes to feel like they are constantly being sold to. Make that emotional connection with your readers and it will build trust which in return will build a loyal following and then new sales.


  • Approximately 70% of consumers learn about a company through their blog rather than through paid advertising
  • 60% of consumers have a positive feeling about a company after reading their blog
  • Over 60% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read (source)

How do you use your blog to market yourself or business?