What Makes An Incredible Service Offering?

When I first started coaching, if I can be real with you for a second, I had no clue what I was doing. The only business coaches I had found online were into helping large corporations and used big terms that I didn't even bother to Google. They were stuffy and nothing about their brand connected with what I wanted to do. So I attempted to create a service of my own that catered to the fun creatives that I adored working with. The only problem was, I had no clue what was actually supposed to go into a service offering let alone what would make people want to buy it. 

My first service was just a basic 60-minute session over Skype. There were no bells & whistles and not many details. And the poor description read, "Get one hour of coaching with me to get your biz in check". That's it.

Needless to say it took a lot of trial and error and time to figure out exactly what makes a great offer that your audience can't refuse. I've seen so many creatives make the same mistake of creating a service that lacked details, structure and purpose. Believe it or not, there is an art to crafting your service offer, no matter what industry you may be in. And as simple as an awesome sales page may look, there is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into putting your service together. (It took me nearly a week to get my service the way I wanted it). You not only want to create a service that is purposeful but you NEED to create a service that your audience will actually be willing to pay for!

Let's dig into some of the factors that make a great offering!


If you go back through any of my blog posts, workshops or pretty much anything I've ever created, then you know it is an absolute MUST to get clear on who you want to create for. More importantly, you need to get clear on their biggest pain points! The purpose of your service, again no matter the industry, is to help your client through an issue that they feel like they can not go at alone. This could mean designing their brand so that they don't have to feel the frustration of doing it themselves. It can be offering a dog walking service for busy pet owners who are unable to get home during the day. Or helping a client finally get their business off the ground!

Create a service that your audience actually needs and not what you THINK they may want. Figure out their issue and build your service around it.


Now that you understand their pain points, it's up to you to clearly explain the benefits of working with you! To be honest, clear benefits are what's really going to sell your package. What transformation will take place after your time together? How will they feel after working with you? Will they have a beautiful new brand that clearly portrays their personality and purpose? Will they have a clear understanding of the direction to take their business in? The dictionary states that a "benefit" is an advantage or profit gained from something. What advantage does your client get from working directly with you?


We chatted in a previous post before about setting client expectations. Well a major part of that is to tell your clients up front exactly what they will learn or receive from you. My coaching packages are built like a class curriculum (which I'll show you how to do during the Purpose To Service course!). My clients know up front before they even sign up exactly what we will go over and what they will learn during each of our sessions! This eliminates any confusion and makes your client a little more comfortable in making the investment. Let's say you offer a service that helps clients clean out their closest and build a new wardrobe. You'll list exactly what will take place during your sessions. Maybe that would include deciding which pieces are worth keeping and which to throw away, how to keep your closet organized and then how to purchase new pieces to fit your style.

Giving it to your audience straight is also a great way to influence purchases. The last thing you want is for a potential client to lose interest because they have to keep emailing you back and forth for more details.


Other than what they will learn and what transformation will take place, what features come with your service package? The features are also apart of the structure of your package. This could be how many video or phone sessions you will have together and exactly how long they will be? Will they have email contact with you in between sessions? Will you provide them with a proof or mock-ups before the project is complete? Will their be follow-ups after you've completed your time together? 

Before you can begin marketing what you do and booking new clients, you have to have a great package to present first! This is one of the main points I'll be teaching in the upcoming Purpose To Service e-course! We'll chat all about creating your irresistible offer, crafting your process and so much more! Click the picture below to grab your FREE Perfect Service checklist!