We're Expecting!


For months I have been jokingly telling my husband that I wanted a baby. Seeing everyone’s squishy baby faces across social media had my baby fever at an all time high but even with us being married and 30, I wasn’t quite sure if we were ready. Well let me tell you about how there is really power in the tongue because in early September we in fact found out that we were…expecting!

Yes, my husband and I are going to be parents tentatively May 9, 2019. I’m currently growing a tiny being inside of me and it is honestly the most exciting yet terrifying experience that I have ever gone through. I’ve always imagined myself becoming a mama someday but because of some past medical issues, I didn’t think that it would be this easy. Hince my surprise when the test popped up with PREGNANT literally minutes after taking it.

I took the test one evening and within a few minutes I felt like every single emotion possible came over me. Fear, surprise, excitement, worry, happiness. All of it. And when I went downstairs to tell my husband the only word that I could get out was “Soooo…” and I immediately burst into tears. With his comfort he reminded me that not only will we be just fine but that we are also married and 30 and well this is typically the next step the married couples take. 🤷🏾‍♀️

At the time of writing this I am currently 13 weeks and fully settled into my new norm. While we are over the moon excited about this new edition, I won’t lie to you this first trimester has been anything but beautiful. Morning sickness has been more like all day sickness and when I am not hugging the toilet, I have been sleeping trying to avoid hugging the toilet. Even at the size of a pea pod, this kid has completely taken over my body and I am finally realizing that I am at his/her mercy. When this kid wants to eat, I eat. When this kid wants to sleep, I sleep. Instead of fighting it I’ve learned over the past few weeks to give myself some grace. Which for me means, not feeling guilty when my body is urging me to rest or not getting upset at my unfinished to-do list when I’m not feeling well. It also means taking advantage of the times where I do feel energized.

As someone who loves her work and has pushed herself to work through even the toughest of situations, it has also been a hit to my ego. There have been new opportunities that have come up and business incubators that I wanted to apply for that would be happening right around my due date that I have had to decline. But I am constantly trying to remind myself that I am literally making a human and in this season of my life, not only is my life about to change for the better but my health and the health of this baby is top priority.

Outside of growing a human, so many other amazing epiphanies have been happening lateling that I hope to dig more into soon. In the meantime, I’ve used this blog for years to document my journey as a business owner, but I am excited as I go through this new season to document life and what happens outside of entrepreneurship. No worries, if you’re looking for all things business then you should be following my other brand, Living Over Existing. It’s where I share the stories of women entrepreneurs, business advice and tips on how to live an intentional life as an entrepreneur.

Alisha Byrd