The Tools I'm Using To Better Plan For 2017

As December is well under way, I'm sure we're all knee deep in setting big goals and planning for 2017. One of my biggest downfalls as a new business owner was the fact that Id set all of these big plans but failed to use the necessary resources that would help me to easily stay organized and put those plans into motion. So I figured this would be a great time to highlight a few of the tools that Im using that are literally keeping me sane through out this process!

anchored press devotional planner

While 2017 isn't here just yet, Im already filling in January to-do's. For the New Year, I decided to go with the Daily Devotional Planner from Anchored Press simply because it's not only a planner but each day also features a different scripture to help you make time for your faith. Incorporating my faith into my brand is going to be a major part of how I do business in 2017 so I love that I can have a piece of that with me through out my day. It also leaves me with no excuses to take time out for my faith every single day.


dry erase boards/poster boards

Another tool Ive been using to help plan out projects and to organize my thoughts are a simple white board and poster boards. Im a very visual person so being able to pull out my markers and map out everything I need to do for each specific project has helped me to feel less overwhelmed throughout this process! The white board I use was purchased from Target and Ive purchased about 8 poster boards (around .50) from the local craft store!

2017 powersheets

I have always been someone who just likes to "go with the flow" when it comes to setting goals. Mainly because the idea of goal setting always made me feel really overwhelmed and anxious, which I try to avoid at all costs. That was until I began using The Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters! The Powersheets are essentially a workbook/planner created to help you set really intentional goals for the year. The prep sheets help you to really dig deep and take stock of how the previous year went and to also help you center your goals around what really matters for the upcoming year. This is my 2nd year using the Powersheets and they have truly helped me to create goals that feel good to me.

ultimate monthly business planner

Ok by now Im sure you think Im crazy for relying on all of these printed products but trust me, they are necessary! I created and actually use myself the Ultimate Monthly Business Planner strictly for planning out my content and product launches. Since my daily planner can only hold so much since I use that for keeping up with my client calls and my personal & business to-do's, I like to keep my editorial calendar separate! This planner also comes with product planning pages and sheets for keeping track of my income, my monthly stats and big accomplishments!

Again, it's one thing to set goals for the incoming year but it is also necessary to make sure you are using the necessary tools and systems needed to easily initiate the action behind your goals. Stay tuned as I'll be putting together a HUGE list of resources needed to help you build your brand and run your business smoothly!


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