The Resources I Use To Create My Books, Planners & Journals


I am often asked HOW I created my physical products like my book, Living Over Existing, my journal and planners. Not the actual writing aspect, but how I design, print and distribute everything while not spending a ton of money or hiring a bunch of help.

Well, for one I create everything myself! From the writing of course, to the cover design to the interior layout. All those years of playing around with Adobe and constantly learning from YouTube paid off enough that I do not have to hire out for design work if I don't want to. And up until I launched Living Over Existing, I didn't have to worry about holding inventory when new orders came in, shipping packages weekly or any customer service issues that may arise. I actually love to pack and ship my products via LOE, but the way my products are set up, at any given moment I can fulfil all orders straight through Amazon and never have to take another trip to the post office again.

Since I have been getting a ton of questions on the resources that I use to do this, I wanted to share some of my favorites! I also go more into depth on HOW to use these resources and how to create a marketing plan that sells these products on auto pilot in my Printed Passive Product Class.

Adobe InDesign

While there are a lot of free tools out there that you can use to create your product interior, none have the functionality and options quite like InDesign! It allows me to save my type settings for my body text, quotes and headers unlike other programs which cuts down my design time. Not to mention it's made for print design which makes everything I create look extremely professional and I can create the exact measurements needed for the printers! If you're worried about investing in any of the Adobe products, first I would definitely look into getting a Creative Cloud membership! I pay about $30 a month for unlimited access to all of the software. If you're not ready for that just yet, then sign up for the free 30 day trial! Download it when you're ready to create your book and spend 30days learning the program and getting your product created FREE OF CHARGE!

Adobe Photoshop

Legit graphic designers will kill me for using Photoshop for my product covers instead of Illustrator, but it's the first Adobe product that I learned to use and to me, it works just as well! I also use Photoshop for all of my promo graphics and product mockups that I use on social media as well! Again, if you're not ready to make the investment, take full advantage of the free 30day trial! Just download it once you're ready to focus on your product cover.

Creative Market

My products are known for having cool and slightly wild patterns and colors that you typically wouldn't find on a book cover. I find all of these patterns on Creative Market. Tons of artists create and sell patterns that you can use on books, clothing, flyers and more. Prices have a wide range and the majority you can use freely with a standard license, as long as you are not trying to sell the patterns as your own.


This is how I print and distribute my products! CreateSpace allows you to upload your book, workbook or planner and print on demand. Meaning they will only print your product when someone orders it from Amazon. They do not charge you any upfront costs for printing but will take a percentage instead of each sell. I have done a ton of research on local printers and most want you to pay a large set up fee and also order a starting inventory of 500 products or more. Since CreateSpace prints on demand, you don't have to hold inventory unless you really want to.

I know for a fact that using the Adobe programs can be overwhelming. I've spent years figuring it out on my own just to be able to create the products that I have today! And if you don't feel like you have an "eye" for design, you may be worried that your products won't look professional. That's why I created the Printed Passive Product class, so that you can start creating immediately without spending the majority of your time on Google searching for the answers. Not only do I walk you through creating a great product, but I also show you how to design both your cover and product interior and craft your complete pre and post launch strategies!

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