The One System That Completely Changed My Client On-Boarding Process

I have been actively coaching other creative women business owners for almost two years now. And to say the way I handle clients and packaging up my services has changed dramatically over the past year and a half. Seriously, I'm the girl who once charged $35 per session and completely adjusted her schedule according to whenever her clients wanted to chat (you live and you learn).

The one thing that has changed the most has been my client on-boarding process. Basically how my clients pay, complete their pre-session questionnaire and schedule their sessions. For the longest, new clients had to go through three different systems just to get started.

First they booked their session through...

Digital Product Delivery (DPD) - This is an online shopping cart that allows you to create products or services to add to your website. I love it for things like selling e-courses, but not so much for selling services.

I then had to manually send them a link to their pre-session questionnaire through...

Google Drive -  I created a list of general questions using a Google Doc (think questionnaire template) then saved it and sent the editable link to each of my clients once they booked their time with me. It wasn't difficult to do but I then had to keep track of everyones questionnaire and make sure it was put into the right folder.


Calendly - This is an online scheduling tool that allows clients to pick which dates and times they would like their sessions (according to the dates & times you reserve as available). I love how the system looks and how easy it was for the clients to reserve a day, but actually putting in my availability (you did it through Google Calendar) was a process that I dreaded!

The entire process was time consuming and all over the place and it also began to cause a lot of confusion and stress between me and my clients. I desperately needed a system where my entire process was all in one place.

And that's where Satori came in.

Satori is an online system designed to help coaches (or really any type of service based business owner) create an incredible client experience from start to finish.

I'm talking everything from making payments, to creating and managing client questionnaires, client agreements and scheduling, is streamlined all into one unique system.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite features within the Satori system and how it has completely changed the way i run my coaching business!


I took myself through my original client process and it annoyed me, so I can only imagine how my clients felt. After signing up for Satori, I took myself through the new process and it was legit as simple as filling in the blanks and clicking a few buttons!


Don't make it hard for people to work with you. Having a simple process will not only limit the amount of back-and-forth in your inbox between you and your client but also create a great first impression! If your process is confusing and unorganized, I would only have to assume that the rest of our time together would be the same!


When i revamped my coaching sessions along with my re-design, I raised my prices, so I love that Satori gives potential clients the option of making payments for their services or paying in full at a discount. I also love that you can manage all of your invoices right within the platform.


Now that I am also offering different payment options and working with clients for a longer period of time, I wanted some kind of agreement in place that clearly states what's expected of both me and my clients and also when they would be invoiced. Satori allows you to create custom agreements for each of your offerings and they are readily available for your client to view at any time.


Once a client purchases one of your services they will be asked to create a Satori login. This login gives them access to their own client area where they can view their agreement, see their invoices and also schedule future sessions with you. Again, this limits the amount of back-and-forth you have to for through in your inbox!


Within Satori, everything from the sign-up page to the invoices are all well branded with my brand colors and logo. It may not seem like a big deal, but consistent branding across everything you put your name on is extremely important plus it looks mad professional.

So I know what you're thinking, "Yes Alisha this sounds amazing BUT how much does it cost?" I was terrified when my friend Jen introduced me to this system because I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg but Satori is actually extremely affordable. They currently have plans ranging from $29/month to $79/month. They also have a free 30 day trial if you want to give it a shot before committing.

I could keep going about how much I love this system but I honestly really do feel like it is an incredible resource for not only coaches but pretty much anyone who offers some type of service within their business. And no, this post is not sponsored, I just believe in sharing great resources when i come across them!