How To Organize & Plan Your Content A Month In Advance


Throughout this blog I've taken you into my blog post writing process, we've talked about how to generate new ideas and you know the 3 factors that make up incredible content. Now I want to dig a little deeper into how to get your content organized and planned for the next month (or more!)

If you want to keep your content consistent then it's imperative for you to get organized and also plan ahead. If your thoughts and ideas are all over the place and you're rushing to not only come up with new ideas but also to create at the last minute, you're bound to just become frustrated. I spent the first two years of my business creating content on a whim. I'd never be short on ideas but instead of strategically planning them out I'd rush to throw something up at the last minute. And let me just mention that poor content is just a bad as no content at all, if not worse. Plus I ended up spending way more time focusing on creating content when I could have been putting that energy into more important aspects of my brand like monetizing and growing my audience.

Today I wanted to show you how I now plan my content at least a month in advance by creating and implementing an editorial calendar. I'll also show you how simply outlining my content ahead of time helps me to create incredible content faster!

how to create your editorial calendar in 5 steps.


One of the biggest misconceptions about creating an editorial calendar is that many people believe that it can only be used for blog post planning. But in reality, your editorial calendar can be used for any type of content that you create. For me, I add in my ideas for blog posts, YouTube videos, newsletters and webinars. I also color code each platform within my planner to ensure that I know what each idea is supposed to be used for.

I go over how to brainstorm new content ideas and how to use the most important content types in the Pocket Content Planner! This little gem has become my trusty sidekick when it comes to creating content consistently!


Before you begin putting your content ideas into your calendar, look ahead at any holidays, events or launches you'll want to create content around. Let's say for example you're planning on launching a new masterclass in May, then every piece of content that you create in May should be centered around educating your audience about the class you're launching. You should keep in mind how many blog posts you want to be published during that month, any webinars you'll want to host and how many videos you'll need to promote that product.


Starting off with a solid routine will help you get into the flow of creating content consistently. Your schedule should be based on two major factors:

  1. How often you are able to provide high quality content. (remember it should always be quality over quantity)
  2. When your audience is online to consume your info.

Personally, I know I am only able to create one blog post, one video and send out one newsletter per week. And according to my stats, my highest traffic days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so those are the days I post to my blog. Also from a recent reader survey that I conducted, I know that the majority of my audience would rather watch live webinars in the evenings and on Saturdays due to their work/life schedules. If you're unsure when to post your content, checking out your Google Analytic stats will tell you exactly when your audience is using your site most often.

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your analytics will tell you everything you need to know about when to post your new content


Now that you know exactly what type of content to produce, schedule some time before the new month begins to add everything to your calendar. Remember I mentioned before that color coding each type of content will help you to quickly decipher what's what.

By planning out all of your content ahead of time, you eliminate  the stress of figuring out what to create at the last minute. You'll also save yourself a bunch of time to focus on other more important tasks in your business.


Ok so now that you know exactly what you want to create, it's time to sit down and bring it to life. In order to save myself some time during the month, after I have all of my content organized and added to my calendar, I also go ahead and outline it as well. For outlining purposes, I use the Pocket Content Planner which not only provides helpful strategies to help me create better content but it also comes with tons of content planning pages that I use for my outlines.

It used to take me hours to write one blog post until I began outlining them in advance. I simply write out bullet points for what I want t be included in my intro, the body of my content and also the closing statement. One of the reasons I love the Pocket Content Planner is because it also provides me with space to go ahead and take note of what I want my "call to action" to be, any links I want to include and also space for a to-do list and marketing ideas!

When it comes time to actually creating the content, all you'll have to do is plug in the main bullet points, edit and schedule!