Now Available: The Pocket Content Planner

I've mentioned before, but I truly love creating products that I can physically hold, take with me and write in! After launching both the Ultimate Monthly Business Planner and my book The Blogpreneur, I knew I wanted to expand into more physical books, workbooks and resources for my audience!

I'm so excited to announce my latest project, The Pocket Content Planner! Nothing annoyed me more than getting an incredible idea while out and not having anywhere to jot down all of the details. By the time I got back home the "light bulb" moment had dimmed and the details weren't as fresh as they were when I immediately got the idea. The Pocket Content Planner will not only provide you with quick planning sheets for you to document your ideas but the first few sections also digs deep into content creation!

Here's what it'll go over...


Dig deep into WHO you are creating for and what makes up incredible content.


Familiarize yourself with the different types of content that you can infuse into your brand.


An exercise to help you think of new ideas based on what you know and what your audience needs.


Use the planning sheets to begin jotting down your incredible ideas while you’re on the go!

This also isn't your typical "planner". You wont find any monthly or weekly calendar spreads in this planner but it was created for you take with you everywhere! Even the size is small enough for you to throw into your favorite bag. Whenever you get a great idea, whip it out of your bag and begin documenting! And don't think you have to only create blog posts, the learning pages and planning sheets are perfect for helping you plan out blog posts, workshops and also free and paid content!

The Pocket Content Planner is now available for purchase via Amazon! You can also take a quick peek inside the planner below!