4 Areas Of Your Brand You Should Be Focusing On In The New Year

Can you believe that we have a little over a month before we ring in 2017? If you're in a bit of denial, now is not the time to panic. In fact, as of right now you should be finishing up the last little bit of tasks for this year and actively planning for the New Year. But where do you start? Planning for a full 365 days can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming and can often leave you just winging it and figuring it out along the way. Instead of looking at the year as a whole, I suggest focusing on these four areas of your brand.


What do you want to accomplish next year? Where do YOU see your brand going? This is going to be a biggie for me since I feel like a lot of 2016 was spent doing what I felt like I was supposed to do instead of what I really wanted for my brand. Take some time to think about what you really want to make happen next year and make note of it! You can do this old school style and create a vision board OR you can simply create a list and hang it on your wall. I also love a resource called Future Me that allows you to write a letter to your future self. 



Your vision will be nothing more than that if you fail to set actionable goals. The best way to create goals around your vision is to break up your vision into smaller, actionable parts. The example below shows you how I would break down a goal of wanting to make $50k in a year.

You can even go as far as breaking down those goals into even smaller tasks. If I want to make $50k per year then that means I need to make at least $4,166 per month. I would then break down that monthly goal into how many products I would need to sell and how many new clients I would have to take on in order to hit that goal. Then I would brainstorm what I would have to do in order to generate those new sales.


How will you make money in the New Year? Create a list of products that you can relaunch and also new products or services that you would like to introduce. This would also be a great time to begin putting them into your calendar for 2017. That way each and every month you know which products or services to focus your content around.

Also think about your current prices, will what you're currently charging help you to reach your big income goal? If not it may be time for an increase.


After your vision, I would say this is one of the most important areas of your brand that you should be focusing on. Ask yourself, how will you connect with your audience? How can you consistently provide them with value? What can you do to earn their trust? You can do this through the content you create like blog posts, newsletters, workshops, etc. And you can also do this by simply interacting with the people you want to attract. Spend an hour a day hanging out in your favorite Facebook groups or take some time to answer your reader questions.

Without community, consistently growing your brand will be a very long and hard struggle. You need them just as much as they need you.

Now that you have a solid plan let's make sure the brand you're building is solid. The Branding for Creatives masterclass is an hour long pre-recorded class that walks you through each essential step of building your brand from the ground up.