Lets Talk Email Etiquette

So lets have a little chat about email etiquette for a hot second, shall we? All too often I receive an email that either A) Have no clue who its coming from. B) Have no clue what its about and/or C) Have no clue who the person thinks they are talking to. We live in a world where communication pretty much revolves around sending emails. And just as quick as it is to open and read one, its just as easy to delete it!

TWEET: Don't be that girl who always gets her emails deleted.

So the next time you get ready to send that email remember...

  1. Email is not social media. If you don't know the person personally, meaning you havn't talked to them several times about something other than BUSINESS, then don't start your email off with "Hey, girl". You don't know them, they don't know you. I personally don't mind it but addressing someone who may be a little more professional may make them feel disrespected. You don't have to be super formal with a "Dear So-n-So" but at least address them by name!
  2. The subject determines if they are going to even open your email. The subject is pretty much a very brief summary to what the full email is about. If you are pitching to a brand you can write "Collaboration Inquiry With Lifestyle Blogger" or if its about a sponsorship on another blog you can simply put "Sponsorship Inquiry With The Alisha Nicole...or whatever the name of the blog is". Please don't just write "Hey" and whatever you do don't leave it blank!
  3. Get straight to the point. It shouldn't take anyone reading though 2 paragraphs just to figure out what you emailed them for. After a brief intro, get straight into the main topic. No one has time..help me, help you.
  4. Let them know who you are. I've opened up a few emails where I had no clue who in the world was trying to contact me. Again, unless you know the person on some sort of personal level, make it known early in the email who you are and not just at the very end. Also don't assume that the person knows everything about you, make sure your website and other contact info is at least in your signature.