Daily Affirmations For Every Blogger + Entrepreneur

Running a business or blog can be extremely stressful. Things don't go right and schedules can become overwhelming. But one thing that keeps me focused and in a positive mindset throughout my busy rough days are my daily affirmations. Not only are they a positive way to start your day but I am a huge believer in speaking things into existence!

Here are a few of my favorites that are specifically business/blog related but feel free to change them up a bit to fit your life or current situation.

"I will have a productive, profitable and prosperous week."

"I believe something amazing will happen to me today."

"Day by day in any ways, I am becoming more successful."

"Quality, paying clients are attracted to do business with me."

"My store will be successful for many generations to come."

"My online sales are sky rocketing with each marketing message I post."

"I am thankful for all of the new opportunities God is sending my way."

"My sales are increasing constantly."

Do you have any daily affirmations? What are they?