BOOK UPDATE: The Blogpreneur Is Now Available For Pre-Order

I have been literally busting my butt over here for the past few weeks (you can read more here) trying to get this book as close to perfect as possible. This project has been challenging in so many areas but I am so excited to announce that The Blogpreneur is officially available for pre-order!

I still have a lot to get done before the BIG launch day in a few weeks but getting to the pre-order stage is a MAJOR accomplishment!


  • Pre-orders are open through Jan. 28th
  • Orders will ship out by Feb. 13th
  • Pre-orders are currently only available for U.S residents. (I promise Im working on making it available around the world!)
  • You can pre-order both the Ultimate Monthly Business Planner and The Blogpreneur HERE

I mentioned in my previous post that I was designing this book myself and I'll have a full post coming soon that explains my process and the inspiration behind the books design!

Have a question about the book? Not sure if it is a good fit for you? Leave your questions and comments below!