Learning To Be Present In The Moment


This past week I spent an incredible 5 days in Florida with my husband doing what we do best...run through Universal Studios.

Unfortunately, as soon as we touched down in the park I began to panic. There was a tropical storm rolling in during the same time we would be there and if you've ever been to a theme park, you know that the rain can either a) shut down the whole park or b) cause it to just be a hot soggy mess.

As we're walking through the park, I became obsessed with staring up at the sky trying to dictate if there were rain clouds and how fast they were moving.

I was literally praying while walking for God to hold back the rain because I was so concerned that the weather would ruin our trip. 

And yes, I was staring up at the sky instead of paying attention to my husband during what was supposed to be our anniversary celebration.

As I'm walking and praying, all of a sudden I hear God say,

"Why are you wasting your time being concerned about what may or may NOT happen when you could be present in the moment?"

And right there, in the middle of Universal Studios, God snatched my edges...

I was so focused on what COULD happen that I failed to realize that I was actually missing out on quality time with my husband.

So I let it go. 

And you know what? It rained.

But God looked out and still made sure that we had a great time despite of. I'm talking getting off a ride just to see that it had poured then stopped. And randomly getting chances to skip the long line so that we weren't standing in the rain.

Despite what felt like a huge setback, God still made a way.

The same way I was paranoid that a little rain would ruin our trip, is the same way a lot of us are paranoid when it comes to taking leaps and making investments in our businesses.

We are so concerned about what may or may not happen that we hesitate to just take the leap, be present in the moment and have faith that despite any setbacks that it will all work out.

Often times there is a lot that needs to be learned or appreciated while being present in the moment but we look right over it because we are so concerned about all of the possible outcomes.

If I had continued, my entire vacation would have been consumed with the weather and not celebrating a year of marriage. I would have looked back and regretted not being more present.

If you're at that point, be patient and remember that God always has a way of working things out.

xoxo, Alisha Nicole

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