All Good Things Must Come To An End In Order To Grow

A couple months ago, a Twitter friend posted…

"There is grace for pursuing alignment and purpose. Not for immaturely investing time, energy and resources into things we didn't seek God about."

I felt that in my core. 2018 for me was the year of unlearning. Breaking free from everything that I had been told over the past few years about how to run my business, what would make me money and what I needed to do in order to be successful. And it was also the year of clarity.

After years of working with women entrepreneurs and making a decent income from it, I learned that what I thought was my purpose was actually a season that was needed to get me closer to God's ultimate vision for my life.

Yes, I was making money but the feeling of being drained and underwhelmed in the work I was doing became greater than any Stripe deposit I could have ever received.

So during this year of unlearning and clarity, I asked God "What am I supposed to be doing?" And he kept bringing me back to very familiar themes, some of which I have seen over and over throughout my life.

One being my desire to write. I have had an insatiable need to write since I was a young child but often ignored it again because of what I was told would make me successful. I'd write of course, here and there but never took the time to really unfold what that freeness that I felt meant every time I sat down to write.

It wasn't until I wrote the  Living Over Existing book that the urge and nudges I once felt turned into full on pushes from God.

Secondly, my desire to help women OUTSIDE of running their business. There is no shortage of business information out there but one thing that I didn't see enough of was were outlets that helped women to cultivate the life they desired as well as the brand they were building.

After experiencing severe burn-out, I dedicated a big chunk of 2018 to taking care of me. Resting, spending time with family, and breaking free of the hustlers mentality. I knew that whether it be my ultimate purpose or just another season that I needed to help women realize that life continues on on the other side of their laptops. 

That year of unlearning taught me how freeing it can be to know that your entire life isn't being consumed with the work that you're doing. And that you can run a successful business while also taking care of yourself and the people around you. That you can enjoy life and make money.

Which brings me to 2019. My year of being BOLD. I have vowed this year to make strides towards the bigger purpose that I felt God has been trying to get my attention on for years and to stop putting energy towards things that don't align with that purpose. How could I ask God to make me a great writer if I'm not dedicating time to making that happen?

My year of being BOLD means taking huge leaps of faith into the unknown and putting myself out there in ways that I would have never imagined.

As of February 1st, I will no longer be taking on any more one-on-one coaching clients (outside of branding clients that my husband and I work with) and will be spending the year re-branding myself as a writer and the founder of Living Over Existing.

Truly, I am so grateful for the incredible women that I have had the chance to work with over the years. 

On the days when I felt stricken with confusion and doubt, knowing that I could be a key part in helping you bring your dream to life is what kept me going.

You're probably wondering, Is cutting off my main source of income terrifying? Yes. But I feel free in knowing that God picks up where we fall short. I have faith in knowing that if this is the direction he wants me to go in, that He will provide both strategically and financially.

The way I see it, I can either try this and be happy and open myself up to all of the amazing opportunities that God will provide for me or I can continue to play small and wonder what could be.

While a lot of my energy will be going into working on my next book and growing LOE, I'll still be popping in here and on my personal blog to keep you updated.

If you're looking for a little one on one guidance to help you finally launch or grow your business in 2019, I'm taking on one more round of incredible women to work with and guide through the process. My coaching services will not be available after February 1st. and space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot before then.

Again, thank you for for being apart of this community. So much has happened and changed since starting this brand over 6 years ago and I can't wait to see what my next season will look like.

xoxo, Alisha Nicole

Alisha Byrd