Introducing Living Over Existing: A New Online Platform For Creative Women


It has been well over a month since I've last created a blog post here but it has been for good reason. For the past few months I have been plotting, planning and executing what is now my new brand and second online baby, Living Over Existing.

Living Over Existing is an online platform and community for creative women who want to live their life and create their business on purpose. I've taken the purpose of this space and turned it into something bigger and better, a full blown community and podcast! The full website is now LIVE and you can binge listen to the first four episodes of the podcast on both iTunes and SoundCloud.

So why this separate platform? Well, definitely for more reasons than just one.

For starters, as you know I have been working on writing a book for the past year which will also be called, Living Over Existing. The book will share my journey of how I have come into my purpose and have pushed past the mental obstacles like fear, comparison and self-doubt and how other creative women can begin doing the same. At first, I did not want this book to be all about me. I still have the hardest time making myself the center of attention (despite this whole brand being about me) and I ultimately didn't want anyone to think I was full of myself. But as I continued to write I felt like God was pushing me more and more to share my story.

In the process of pouring my heart out onto the pages, I realized that what I was creating was more than just a space for me to share my journey but that I could still use this as an opportunity for you to share your journey as well. I know that storytelling can be powerful. It makes you feel like you are not alone, it gives you the courage to push forward and it builds community. So while the book may be about my journey, the Living Over Existing website and podcast are for you. Each week I will share an interview with an incredible woman about her journey and how she is living on purpose while also making a living doing what she loves. When I first started my business, I would spend hours listening to other people's stories and hearing the mistakes they've made and how they pushed through. These stories have always inspired me to keep moving forward despite what I was going through. It was kind of like "If they can do it, I can too". That's what I want out of this space. And even on the weeks where I just have solo episodes I want it to be tied to a helpful topic that you can apply to your life, business, career or all three.

If you know me then you know that it's hard for me to act on an idea without going above and beyond which explains why I decided to make it its own separate brand. I don't know what God is leading me to do with this new space, but by giving it its own identity I fell like I'm leaving room for it to grow. I have some big ideas for the future and how the brand can expand into things like events, workshops and more. I see "Living Over Existing" being a household name, not just because of the book or the podcast but because of the amazing community it will have around it. I honestly haven't put this much love and purpose into a project in so so long so Im excited to see what the next few months look like for the new brand.

So, what's going to happen with The Alisha Nicole?

This space, will not be going anywhere! I've had more than one person ask me that within the past 24hrs so I wanted to clarify that Alisha Nicole is still its own space and business and I still plan on creating regular content here. This brand will just be more for me, a hub to show you the behind the scenes of what's going on at both brands, new product launches and more book writing (prayerfully) plus the business advice that you're used to. A lot of you have been asking to get to know me more and what I do behind the computer so I plan on incorporating a lot more of that type of content into this space. The only portion that I can let you know for sure that will be changing is my YouTUbe channel. While I loved creating content for that platform, I began to feel like it wasnt me. I have although, played around with the idea of using it to vlog in the future!

So, how can you show your support? 

Well for starters, i'm thankful that you've taken the time out to read this post! But if you would like to take it a step further you can check out Living Over Existing and take a listen to the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud! it would mean the WORLD to me if you would subscribe and also leave a review! Ive also set up a "donation" page where you can contribute to keep the platform running in exchange for your business being listed on the website AND in my upcoming book!

So here I am, running two brands, writing a book and praying a unicorn descends from the heavens in the form of an incredible assistant! Overall I am extremely excited. I have fought, worked my butt off and most importantly prayed to be fully immersed into my purpose and Im finally feeling like it's happening. I feel ike God is finally using me and my gifts to change someone's life or mearly just inspire them to go after what they want. God has something up his sleeve for me and while Im not 100% of what it is, Im ready for it! 

As always, thank you so much for your continued support! If you have any questions about the new brand or this process as a whole? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

Alisha Byrd