5 Areas Of Your Brand You Should Focus On When You Feel Like You're Not Being Heard

For years I struggled with feeling like I wasn't being heard. I knew that I had a solid brand with a big message and I knew that I had great content that my audience would actually find valuable but it truly felt as if no one was listening. I literally felt as if I was screaming and yelling but would steady be looked over and falling into the background of others who had really loud and powerful voices. It often left me extremely discouraged and made me question if I was really serving my purpose as a business coach.

It can be so hard when you're in a crowded industry to feel as if you're really standing out but Ive learned over the years that we often feel like our voices are going unheard because we are simply focusing on the wrong things. In this video I explain 5 areas of your brand that you should be focusing on if you want to get through feeling as if you're not being heard. We go over:

  1. Creating your own space in your industry.
  2. Remembering that someone is always listening
  3. Finding & building your community
  4. How to speak up & stay consistent
  5. Why you should stop looking for the approval of others.