3 Factors That Make Up Incredible Content + A FREE Content Kit

I am often asked how I was able to take this space from blog to creative coaching business and also how I am able to consistently bring in new clients (I'm already booking for March!). My answer is always "Because I focus on putting out the best content possible".

Consistently creating valuable content has helped me transition this space from hobby to business, helped me to gain my audiences trust and has also helped me more than double my income.

Before we get into exactly how to create that drool worthy content, let's clear a few things up. I've also created a free 8 page content kit to assist you in getting started!


Content is everything you create to share your brand or prove your expertise in your industry.


The content that you create can go above and beyond just a few blog posts. You can create e-courses, e-books, physical books (like the one I am creating), weekly newsletters, workshops, etc. It can be free or paid, written or in video or a mixture of both. It also extends to the verbiage you use on your website and also what you post to social media. The form of content you decide to create is literally endless.

Another thing to remember as well is that not everyone learns the same way. Some of your audience may consume information better via text while others will follow along better with video. Also there are some topics that will just be difficult to teach through text like tech tutorials. When deciding what types of content you want, you'll want to consider your strengths. If you are terrified of video then try to incorporate audio into your written content strategy.

Ok back to actually creating incredible content. Everything you put on your site and anything that is connected to your brand should be relevant, helpful and actionable.

So let's break it down.


Take a few minutes and scroll through any of your favorite blogs or bloggers who are major in your eyes. I'm 100% positive you'll notice something very obvious about their posts. There content is relevant to their brand. If your brands primary focus is helping small business owners develop their visual brand, you should not be blogging about your most recent trip to the mall.

A major part of branding means staying consistent with everything you create. The last thing you would want to do is lose your audience's trust because you decided to vent off topic. This is the exact reason why my blog didn't go anywhere in it's first year.


Incredible content is also created around what your audience would find helpful. This is the main reason why it is so important to take the time to really get clear on your target audience (you can use this worksheet) before creating anything. Helpful content will solve your audiences biggest problems or pain points.

For example, if you have a target audience of single mothers and their biggest issue right now is time management, then you'll want to create posts like "7 Steps To Creating A Non-Stressful Family Schedule" or "How To Make Time For Yourself A Priority As A Single Mother". Your audience would find both of these post topics very helpful because thy are intended to solve a problem they are experiencing. Again, get clear on exactly who you want to help and they will willingly tell you which areas they need the most help.

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Now that your content is relevant and helpful it's time to make sure it's actionable, meaning what your audience consumes from you they should be able to apply what they've learned immediately. How do you do this? You can create action points within your content that makes your audience pause and work. Or instead of just explaining the outcome of something you have tried, you should break down exactly what you did step-by-step. This type of actionable content is great for creating paid products like e-courses or live workshops. 

My favorite way to make actionable content is by creating worksheets or workbooks that my audience can use to apply what they've learned to their own particular situation. For example, in my post on how to generate new ideas, I explained the process in the post but I also provided a helpful worksheet so that my readers could begin generating their own ideas after they read it. You can provide the same type of freebie when teaching e-courses and workshops as well.

Trust me when I say that the content you create can truly propel your business above and beyond your wildest dreams! Use the free 8 page content kit to hep you begin auditing your current space and creating content that your audience actually needs!

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