August Goals And Monthly Recap


If you're new around these parts, then you should know at the beginning of every month I set myself a theme or word to focus on. As a business owner, each month comes with different challenges and different goals and I have found that by mentally focusing on one set theme each month greatly decreases my stress levels! I also share an update on how well I did on the previous months goals along with my goals for the upcoming month.

 I have been asked a few times if I would be open to sharing my income report in these monthly updates but since I am not ball-sy enough to do it yet, I'll share my statistics as far as social media and pageviews along with what I've done differently to affect those stats. I know it is not as exciting as seeing the numbers BUT I hope it will be as equally as helpful. I also want to further prove to people that you can make a consistent living from your blog without bringing in a million pageviews per month.


July was one of those slow months that all business owners dread. Although my income took a hit this month, it did free up a lot of time for me to work on two major projects that I'll be releasing this month! My theme for July was "Keeping Up" and if you could see the dark bags under my eyes right now then you know I did a pretty damn good job at sticking to it.

JULY TAKEAWAY: "You can do a lot of things but not EVERYTHING! Between writing this book, putting together this e-course, plus keeping up with clients and everything else, I found myself running on fumes. I'm no stranger to hard work or pulling a few all nighters but I also know my limits. I'm not exactly sure at the moment what I could use help with but once I figure it out I'll be looking into hiring some outside help.


  • Launch Leap & Launch. This didn't happen last month as I had planned BUT registration for the e-course opens up this week!
  • Get back on a consistent blogging schedule. Nope didn't happen. Although I think I did pretty well, it's not the type of progress I was looking for.
  • Plan out at least one other passive income project to launch. I have a whole SLEW of ideas that I can't wait to branch out under Leap & Launch!
  • Don't do any work on vacation! I didn't do a damn thing & LOVED it!
  • Read at least one book. Didn't happen but I'm going to work that into my schedule somehow this month.

STATS FOR JULY: Numbers in the parenthesis represents the previous month

  • Twitter Followers: 2, 996 (2,758)
  • Facebook: 606 (576)
  • Instagram: 1982 (1866)
  • Pinterest: 1324 (1249)
  • Bloglovin: 1165 (1135)
  • Email Subscribers: 740 (582)
  • Pageviews: 11,846 (11,572)
  • Top Referrer: Pinterest (Outside of people typing in my direct URL)

I seriously felt like I dropped the ball this month so I was surprised to see that all of my stats actually increased. I used to be crazy obsessed with the "numbers" to the point where it consumed me because I THOUGHT that I needed to reach a certain point before I could begin making money. It wasn't until I got extremely specific on WHO my ideal client was and began creating more value in my posts that I started to see the income I wanted. profitable > popular. I also make sure that even if I don't get a new blog post published, that I still share older content throughout all of my social media channels to keep traffic consistent.


My theme for August is "stepping out on faith". This month I will not only be turning 27 but I will be launching my first e-course and my first book all in the same month. Although they are both on the same topic, Creating a profitable online shop, they are STILL two major projects and this will be the biggest thing that I have launched in my career so far. Of course, I am terrified but I have had the urge for a couple of years to expand on this topic and share what I've learned so I'm excited to see how it will be received. I wanted so bad for it to be perfect but I'm learning more than ever now that sometimes you just have to throw it out there and allow God to handle the rest. 

I have HUGE faith that Leap & Launch will be successful and i have so many ideas of what I want to expand it into!


  • Hit my income goal with Leap & Launch
  • Comment & share on 3-4 blogs per day
  • Blog at least 3 times per week
  • Read at least 30 mins. per day


  • I will have a profitable, prosperous & productive month
  • I will hit my income goal this month
  • I believe something amazing is going to happen to me
  • I will not let stress and overwhelm stop me from accomplishing my goals