10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SquareSpace For Your Online Shop

You should already know that my love for SquareSpace runs DEEP! Not only do I use it for T.A.N but also for my online shop, Early August. With the shop that I owned before Early August came along, I must have tried three different platforms to sell on. None of which ever gave me the customization's or features that I needed to bring my idea to life! When I started Early August, I knew that i wasn't going to just settle for anything so I decided to do a little research and ultimately decided to give SquareSpace a try. 

Let me tell you friend, it was by FAR the best decision I have made! Not only is SquareSpace super affordable but it is so easy to create that you don't necessarily NEED to hire a designer to do it for you! SquareSpace has become my go-to platform for literally EVERYTHING but today I wanted to share a few reasons why it is an amazing platform for online shop owners!


Like I mentioned before, SquareSpace's platform makes it easy for non-web designers to create gorgeous websites of their own without hiring outside help. Seriously, a 5th grader could do it! SS offers over a dozen templates for you to work with that give you a great starting point but are also easy to customize and make your own.


I know what you're probably thinking, "If It is so easy to use, there is no way it looks professional too!" Well yes, it is possible! One thing that annoyed me the most about the other e-commerce platforms I tried out were they looked really basically. As soon as you logged on there was just a logo and immediately a full list of your products. There were either no templates for you to choose from (like on Etsy), a very limited amount of templates or you had to pay $80 or more for a decent looking template.

With SquareSpace you can create a super professional website that looks similar to the big brands that you may admire.


Lets say you create custom baby blankets. Although you can create them in many different colors, you don't want to list every single color possible or post a picture of each blanket for that matter. For products that customers are able to customize, SS gives you the option to attach a custom product form to that particular product. As soon as your customer adds the product to her shopping cart, the custom product form will pop up and they will be directed on how to make their customization's. The information you need from your customer is totally up to you and you can add the same form to several different products or create a new form for each!

These forms will save you a ton of time because you wont have to respond to a ton of emails about custom orders. 


SS also makes it easy for you to keep track of and send your customers their package tracking numbers easily through custom email notifications. Seriously, all you have to do is pop in the tracking number within the customers order, choose the shipping service and hit "completed". Your customer will then be notified that their package has been shipped and they will also be provided with the tracking number.

Want to print your own shipping labels at home instead of standing in a very long Post Office line? SS also uses a service called ShipStation that allows you to connect to all of the major shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, FEDEx, etc) and allows you to print your labels directly from your website. Although this is an extra monthly fee, it will save you a TON of time once those orders start rolling in like crazy!


You know how I feel about using your blog as a marketing tool for your business! EVERY online shop owner should be blogging and SS gives you the option to include one within your shop. This is helpful because everything is all in one place, your blog and shop will blend seamlessly together & you don't have to worry about setting up a blog on a separate platform. 

ABILITY TO UPLOAD multiple product photos

So lets say you are selling these luxury t-shirts and you want to be able to show them off and really give your customer a look at how they really fit. Well SS gives you more than enough space to show off every single detail of your product and doesnt put a limit on the amount of photos you can have for a single product.


Lets face it, not everyone has the time to find a computer and a good internet connection to shop online. It's 2015, people are shopping online from their cars, classrooms and even while waiting for their favorite take-out food to be ready. It is extremely important to have a website that functions beautifully on any type of device. SS offers mobile friendly websites at no added cost!


SS uses a company called Stripe (similar to Paypal) to process all of its payments. I love this system so much because when your customer goes to check out, it doesnt take them to a different site, the entire transaction is done right from your website! Stripe also accepts all major credit cards as well and makes it easy to process refunds in the event that you ever need to.

SS also has a built in metrics tracker that helps you keep track of how much money you are making per month, the amount of traffic your website receives and exactly where that traffic is coming from. This will be  helpful for when you are planning out you marketing strategies, you'll know where your customers are and what areas you should focus your marketing efforts.


Lets say a customer finds a product on your site that they absolutely love and they want to share it with the world! On each of your product pages, there will be social media links that will allow your customers to easily PIN, Tweet or Share that particular product!


So maybe you're not into selling physical products but you want to sell an ebook or maybe a digital file of your music. SquareSpace also supports digital downloads! When your customer purchases their digital product, they will immediately receive an email with the download link for the product they purchased. This makes it easy on you because all you have to do is upload the product and not have to worry about sending a link to everyone who buys!


I feel like a salesman for saying this (and no this isn't a sponsored post nor is it filled with affiliate links) BUT you get all of these features plus a crap ton more for $26 a month if you decide to go with their commerce package. You can check out their package details HERE.

Seriously, I'm a huge SquareSpace stan but it really is the best bang for your buck and is an excellent platform for someone just starting out or for someone who is looking to really get serious about their online shop!


P.S Want to learn the more detailed ins and outs of SquareSpace, how to actually build and customize your shop and get shop critiques? These bonuses will be included in my ecourse, "Leap & Launch"! To be notified when registration opens, just leave your info below!