How To Build Your Tribe Through Social Media PLUS a Worksheet

First, me start by introducing myself. I'm Doni Brown and I help people build effective blogs and lovable digital brands. I do that through teaching content marketing and social media marketing. Now on to what you came for!

Who is your tribe? This is a common word that bloggers and influencers always throw around but for most of us, it's so hard to figure out how to grow one. Building your tribe or community is so essential in the growth and overall effectiveness of your blog and business. Instead of just having followers, you want engagement and you'll want it across all platforms. The key to tribe building and engagement is attracting the right people and the right audience for your brand. Most of your traffic and audience will come from social media, so it's important that you start there.

So, here is how you do it.

Be Authentic and Have a Clear Voice

This is so fundamental in your effectiveness. Be true to you! You're the only one that can deliver your message the way you would, so embrace it. This brings me to the importance of having your own voice. How do you deliver your message and what is your perspective? Know that and be clear about it! Make sure you are clear in the way you want to come across. 

Know Your Target Audience

Under being authentic, this is the next important thing. Knowing your target audience is essential because, it will help you know who you're trying to attract and who to build relationships with. How do you find your target audience? I'm glad you asked. At the end of this post you can get your free download on how to do this! 

You Start the Engagement

It always amazes me how many people are so confused that their tribe isn't just falling in their lap. Everyone thinks that being themselves should be enough. Yes, being you will attract your tribe, but you have to make it known that you are here in the first place. Now, that doesn't mean to go around shouting "Hey! I'm here! Follow Me!". It means you go and look for the people that are interested in the topics that you speak on. When you find them engage with them on their posts. Show them that you care and support them and they will do the same in return! Don't just do this in the beginning either! Continue to do this and keep up with those who support you. 

Live Interaction

If you're not taking advantage of live streams and live interaction then you're missing out! Live interaction is the best way to leverage your audience. It has been proven that people who do webinars and live events to promote themselves, their businesses and product launches, get better results. There's a reason for that! Live interaction creates a deeper connection and your audience feels like they're right there talking to you. People can clearly see who you are and what you're all about. 

Creating Interactive Posts

The biggest problem I see in posts are that people don't give their followers a call to action. People like to be told what to do. They want you to tell them what's next, and what action to take. They're not always going to feel the need to comment or share. You have to tell them to, but don't simply just say "share this". You have to say how and be more specific. If your post is about shopping, say something more like "share this with a friend who is a shopaholic". This not only attracts someone else that would like your content, but it makes people engage. This same technique applies for commenting. Tell them how to comment and what kind of response to give you. Ask them a question!

Collaborate With Bloggers and Influencers Who Have Similar Audiences

This is literally what I'm doing with this post. I reached out to Alisha and asked if she'd be open to me doing a guest post on her site. We have similar audiences, but a major point is I'm not making it about my gain. The heart of my collaboration is to add value and help her audience. You have to come from a place of wanting to be of service above everything. Your intention will show through! So reach out and start collaborating with good genuine intention!