7 E-Courses Worth Investing Your Time & Money In

For a long time, I was very hesitant to invest money back into my business. It wasn't because I didn't value my business or wasn't eager to learn more but because there was always that uncertainty that it may or not be worth it. What made me finally take the leap into investing in things like a business coach and e-courses is because I started to feel stagnant or like I had hit a cap with my business. I felt like I had done all I knew how to do, but I also knew that there were tons of room for growth. And I was determined to get out of that rut. Let me tell you, everything that I have invested into my business I have made back PLUS more!

Lately, my favorite way to invest back into my business has been through ecourses. E-courses are great because they are usually on very specific topics, self-paced so that you can easily tackle them in your free time and don't cost and arm and a knee to take. Plus you're not in it alone, most come with amazing communities for you to go to for accountability and to bounce ideas off of.

Thankfully, the blogging/business world is filled with so many great e-courses created by some incredibly talented entrepreneurs, so it hasn't been hard to find the right one to help take me to the next level. Today I wanted to share a few of these e-courses that are well worth both your time and your money!


Lauren has created this 5-week e-course to help guide you through learning the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Tackling the Adobe programs can be intimidating at first but she breaks it down into 5 60-minute instructional videos that will have you creating beautiful graphics for your blog and business in no time!


If you're wanting to start a blog..the right way, then Blogademics is definitely what you should look into investing in first! Maya created this online course for creative women who not only want to take the leap into blogging but who want to eventually make a living from it as well!


If you've been following my blog for the past year then you know just how much I absolutely LOVE using SquareSpace! If you're not down to spend a grand or more on a website design and you want to create a gorgeous website using this amazing platform on your own then you need to enroll into Megans new course! Not only will she walk you through the process but she'll show you how to get it all done in just a weekend!


This course by Mariah is my most recent investment and I am SO glad that I took the leap! The bases of this course is to help you reach your first 1000 email subscribers and your first $1000 in just 60 days (or less)! I have learned so much about list building, collaborating, hosting webinars and also creating my first mini-course!


So lets say you already have a blog but now you want to take it to the next level and profit from it? Then you should definitely be checking out Blog To Profit! For 10 weeks Regina will show you exactly how to step it up a notch and create digital products, affiliate programs, creating your own courses and so much more!


I have been following Sarah's blog since I started on this blogging journey and she is truly someone I look up to in this industry! (she knows her stuff!) Her Badass Babes Ecourse is an 8 week course full of amazing content that will help you gain clarity, identify your audience, clean up your blog design, make money from your blog and much more! You'll also receive access to her private Badass Babes Blog community too! Oh and if you're interested, registration just opened up today!  


Ok, semi-shameless plug but I am really excited to launch the book and mini-course that I have been working on! If you have an amazing product or product idea and want to take the leap and launch your own online shop, then my new course will show you exactly how to do that! Not only will you receive a copy of my printed workbook but you will also receive access to my group of creatives, weekly tips and bonus content plus LIVE Q&A sessions! All you need is a product or a product idea and I wil show you how to turn it into an actual online shop!

I live by the phrase, "It takes money to make money". Any investment that you make in your business is well worth it especially if it will help you take your brand to the next level!