How I Use Google Drive And Dropbox To Organize My Business

I get asked a lot about how I organize everything for my business and honestly I am just now creating a system that doesnt stress me out more than being completely unorganized. For the longest I relied on a bunch of different folders on my desktop and a box full of important documents that I had printed off as my method of organization but it was a nightmare! Not only was it a hot cluttered mess but it was nearly impossible to find the things that I needed. 

After many months of trying out different systems, I have finally figured out something that works! I currently use both Google Drive and Dropbox to help keep everything that I do all together! For those who may not be aware of these programs, they are both "cloud" storage systems that allows you to store documents and photos off of your computer and also makes your documents accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. They both also have mobile apps that make it super easy to get work done while you're on the go.

Today i wanted to give you a little peak into how I use both Dropbox & Google Drive and how they have helped me so much with de-cluttering and organizing my business!


I adore Google Drive because you can easily create Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets and Slides all within the program. Meaning if you don't have access to something like Microsoft Office, you can easily create everything you need right in Google Drive! The system also gives you the option to easily share documents by creating a link that you can send for others to view or even edit your work. Because of these awesome features, I use Google Drive strictly for my coaching clients, #HerStory interviews, guest posts and also the rough draft of the book that I have been writing.

For each major project I create a folder within Google Drive. For Example right now I currently have folders labeled:

  • The Book
  • Coaching Clients
  • June/July Clients
  • #HerStory Interviews
  • Guest Posts

Every time I create a new document, I add it to its appropriate folder. This helps a ton with keeping track of everything and making it easy for me to find what I need in just a matter of seconds.

DROPBOX (Free & Paid Versions)

I am currently using the free version of Dropbox which gives you 2gb of storage space but I have filled it up so many times and I think it's about time to make the investment. I love Dropbox because of how it easy it is for me to add things straight from my desktop into one of my many folders. It gives you the option to download an icon straight to your computers desktop so that you wont have to sign on online every time you want to add something plus like I said before, its mobile app makes it super easy to access your work when you may not be around a computer.

I use Dropbox mostly for larger files like pictures that I don't want taking up a ton of space on my computer. My current files are:

  • Alisha Photos. Which are photos of me that I have used on this website and headshots that i use whenever I am interviewed somewhere.
  • EBooks. I used to keep all of the ebooks that I have purchased and downloaded on my iPad but it was sucking up my memory, so I downloaded them all to Dropbox and I can access them whenever I am ready.
  • Stock Photos. Stock photos are HUGE files and it's not something that I wanted taking up space.
  • TAN Design. All of the graphics and images that I have used for this site.

Another reason why i love these storage systems is because you never know when your laptop could crash or worse get stolen, so having all of your important information backed up somewhere else would be a lifesaver in the event that something horrible happens to your computer!

You may also see that I don't keep regular blog posts in these programs. That is why I am still an old school pen and paper girl when I write so I keep a notebook to jot down all of my post drafts and post ideas. I also use notebooks for other projects that I am currently working on as well but I'll share that in a later post.