How To Create Digital Freebies For Your Blog Readers

Running a successful blog isn’t always about you as much as we like to think that it is.

Our sole purpose here is to deliver amazing content to our audience & give them helpful resources that they can use in their journey.

This is what will make them come back for more, tell all of their friends how amazing you are AND make them trust you enough to buy your products & services.

I’m a creative & learn better when I can actually write out what I have learned.

My guess is a lot of you & your readers are probably the exact same way. An extremely helpful resource that I have been adding to a lot of my blog posts are free worksheets & workbooks for my readers to use as they are working their way through my posts.

These little freebies help your readers put action behind what they’ve learned and not to mention EVERYONE loves free stuff!

For example, I recently wrote a post on the importance of branding your creative business.

Branding is a very detailed topic, so I provided my readers with a free workbook that goes into all of the deeper details of putting their brand together.

Adding in these little incentives has also played a major part in my boost in pageviews & newsletter subscribers! (If you want to learn how to implement the strategies that turn readers in email subscribers and customers, check out Your First 1K.)

Today I wanted to share my process for creating these freebies for my audience and how you can create the same for yours!