8 Business Newsletters You Won't Regret Signing Up For

I feel like our email inboxes are sacred places. They are already over-filled with our daily must do's and the last thing we want is someone popping in every week (or multiple times a week) with less than helpful information. It's a hassle and not to mention watching your email count grow with sales pitches is beyond annoying. But what if I told you there were several newsletters out here that are not only helpful but will get you excited every time you see the new email notification pop up on your phone?

For me to subscribe to a newsletter, I have to already be a huge fan of your work. Meaning the content is so valuable that I stalk your website daily. If you promise that your newsletter is even better, then you better believe i'll hand you my email address with no hesitation. What will stop me from unsubscribing? Again, helpful content that I can actually use towards my business and blog (without always being salesly). Also special offers that are just for newsletter subscribers. A girl likes to feel special, ya know?

I have subscribed & unsubscribed to tons of newsletters over the past few months but I wanted to share a few today that I genuinely look forward to seeing in my inbox!


I have been reading Melyssa's blog for almost two years now and she never disappoints on the content both on her blog and through her newsletter!  Not only will you receive extremely helpful information for your blog and business but you'll also have access to her library of free ebooks and worksheets!

Paul Jarvis

I signed up for Paul's "The Sunday Dispatch" newsletter a few weeks ago and I haven't been disappointed yet! He sends out exclusive advice on everything from being a better freelancer to all things creative!

Dale Partridge

If I had to create a list of my favorite entrepreneurs, Dale would definitely be somewhere at the very top! Not only is his advice extremely helpful AND relateable but his income reports alone is enough to motivate an entire country (I mean the man brings in over $100k a month from his blog!)


Mariah is the blogging and email marketing genius behind Femtrepreneur! I love her "no non-sense, this is what you need to do NOW" approach to making your blog profitable and everything she sends out is like gold! Plus when you sign up for her newsletter, you'll receive access to her FREE Build A Profitable Blog ECourse!


Jenn sends out some of the most heartfelt and helpful letters out weekly for creative-preneurs! Every time I read them I always feel like she is speaking directly o me!


Lisa of Elembee is another name I don't mind popping up on my phone on Sunday afternoons! Lisa is an amazing web designer and sends out actionable tips on how to make your website better!


If you've searched online for business tips then I'm almost 100% sure that you've come across Regina's site! If you think her blog is amazing then you will definitely love her newsletter! She send out exclusive content just for subscribers plus you receive access to her private webinars!

Elle & Co

I love Lauren's blog because of how transparent she is about her journey as a business owner. Through her weekly newsletter, she takes her subscribers along on her journey to reaching 100,000 unique blog followers with what she has learned so far, what has worked to help her reach her goal and what hasn't.


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