Tackling My Biggest Business Goal & Asking For Help

I mentioned a few days ago that I joined in on an amazing writing challenge created by Regina and that I will be writing my first book in 31 days. I also mentioned that I was scared out of my mind to not only be writing a freakin' BOOK in a month but to also put it out there that it was happening. I've had this book idea on my mind for over a year now (and even more over the past 3 months) but never knew how to start or if I even had the skill set to write it (I still suck at OWNING IT sometimes). So when this opportunity presented itself I took it as a sign from God that I should stop being a punk and just go for it!

But still, like every great leap that I've ever taken in life, I am still afraid of the "What ifs?". What if my audience doesnt need this resource? What if they don't find it valuable? What if no one but my mom buys it? I talk a lot over here about defeating fear and learning to ignore your own mind, but moments like these are what remind me that we are all human. And even though we can fight against those "What ifs?" the thoughts will still be there.

But like I said, the timing on this challenge was perfect so I know it is nothing but the Big Guy above reminding me that I am ready for this journey. So as I spend the remainder of this month pouring out everything I have ever learned about business and starting an online shop onto paper, bare with me if things seem to be a little quitter around here or if I respond to comments a little later than normal. This is one of the biggest projects I have ever gotten myself into and I know that I will regret it if I don't really give it my all and follow through with it.

I would also love a little help from you. This book will be a full on resource for anyone wanting to sell any type of product online. From naming your business, to deciding on what platform to use to registering your LLC. But I want to know what topics you want me to focus on. You are my target audience and I'm writing this book for YOU so I want to make sure I'm answering all of your questions and giving you all of the resources you need. If you could do me a HUGE favor and fill out this quick survey (even if you currently are not looking to sell products online), this will let me know what areas need the most focus & if I need to make any tweaks to my outline.

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Seriously, thank you SO extremely much for all of your support & for continuing to follow me on this crazy creative journey! I'll be sharing more details of the book very soon!