June Is For Being FEARLESS

I went into the month of May claiming it would be the month of Making Things Happen! At first I thought that meant making a few changes to the site and releasing new projects but that wasn't the case at all. I made things happen by investing heavily into bettering my personal brand and putting myself into position for new things to come. Even as a business coach I know that there is always room for improvement and the only way to get there is to invest in the necessary tools. While I didn't release all of the things I had hoped to, I'm excited to learn so much more and get ready for big things to come!

And now for the month of June. I guess you could say that I had a revelation of some sort over the weekend. There have been a few things that I have been wanting to plan but have always put on the back burner because of my extreme shy-ness (like, extreme). When I video chat with my clients I have no problem opening up and being myself but when it comes to speaking in person and relying on people to show up, I am a hot nervous mess! I know that I am an introvert but that doesn't mean it should hold me back from conquering my ultimate goal. So for the month of June, I'm focusing on being...


No more pausing because I'm too shy to speak up or allowing fear to stop me from OWNING it. I know that I am good at what I do so it's time to just go for it & pray that I grow wings on the way down!


FINISH & PROMOTE THE BOOK TO LAUNCH. If you haven't heard I'm currently writing a book called "The Creative's Guide To Starting A Profitable Online Shop". I'm actually setting a goal to finish writing it THIS week and then start promoting it within the upcoming weeks!

FOCUS ON COMMUNITY. I signed up for Mariah's Your First 1k course which is all about revamping your newsletter. It has also inspired me to focus on this little community I have built of amazing women and to make sure I am answering all of your business and blogging questions. I have a few things planned that I am super excited about!

START PLANNING SOMETHING FOR T.A.N'S 2ND ANNIVERSARY. It almost blows my mind that I have been blogging for nearly two years over here! I'm not sure what I want to do to celebrate but I know I want it to be extremely helpful and of course have you involved!