May Is The Month Of Making Things Happen

Yesterday was one of those days full of "ah-ha" moments. It's rare that I get to take some time off from my daily routine and just allow myself to be inspired by all of the creativeness around me, but it's definitely something that I need to start scheduling more often.

I browsed around Barnes & Noble for a while & added a few new titles to my never ending list of must-reads. And I got a chance to catch up on some of my favorite podcasts, one being the Make It Happen podcast by Jen! In her latest episode she had on Mariah of Femtrepreneur to talk about Making Money With Your Blog Without Relying On Traffic.  And ya'll it was so eye opening! If you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, they both make some amazing points about creating products and treating your blog more as a marketing tool for your business. Then I was able to end the day with an amazing Twitter chat hosted by Ashley for #InfoBoMo that left me extremely fired up and excited for things to come.

Which is why I have declared the month of May to be the month of Making Things Happen (Mattie & Maya are PROS at this!)  I want to take this site to the next level and really put my heart into my content and the resources I offer. I am revamping my coaching services and making this space more of a business instead of just a blog. And I will be starting on one of my biggest leaps of faith EVER...I'm writing a BOOK! 

Yes, I've joined in on Regina's #InfoBoMo challenge and will be writing a book in 31 days along with a few other amazing creative-preneurs! I am terrified, nervous and lowkey freaking out but I have had this one particular idea on my mind for awhile now. And when the opportunity presented itself, I knew it was confirmation for me to go for it! I will need all of the good vibes & prayers I can get, as this is one of the biggest most demanding projects that I have ever worked on! I can definitely tell that May is going to be AMAZING! (April was the month of FOCUS btw!)



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