#THEIRSTORY With Osayame & Ekiuwa of House Of Evbuomwan

Today is exciting because instead of doing a regular #HERSTORY feature it will be a #THEIRSTORY interview! I have followed Ekiuwa, half of the team at House Of Evbuomwan for a long time now on Instagram & I am OBSESSED with everything her and her husband,  Osayame create! This wife & husband duo are the master minds of House of Evbuomwan and are responsible for creating some of the most gorgeous web and graphic design work I have ever seen. Seriously ya'll, they are incredible! Continue reading below to hear more about THEIR story!

Can you tell us a little about the story behind starting House of Evbuomwan?

We were a husband and wife that expressed our love for love, art, and design through our marriage blog, people loved how we styled our photos, how we shared our truths, and our love for design. We always spoke about designing, and having our own design studio, but didn't know that all it took was just to believe in what we did and BEGIN.

2012 is when we began designing together.

You two are married! How is it working and building a brand with your significant other?

It has been a blessing, it has been fun, and it can sometimes be tough. However, we always work through it, we have recently established roles in the business. Osayame is the Business Manager, and Ekiuwa is the Lead Designer.

It works well!

3 words to describe the Evbuomwans as entrepreneurs

Hardworking, Passionate & Loyal

You help your clients bring their dream business to life, what has been your favorite project so far?

All of the projects are my fav, but we love when our clients allow us creative freedom. It brings us so much joy, they learn to trust our design aesthetic and we execute their vision.

New brands pop up everyday, what do you believe it takes to build a powerful long lasting brand?

Ahhh! Honesty, Loyalty, and Commitment to what you believe. House Of Evbuomwan doesn't just treat our clients like clients, they are our residents. We make sure they are always comfortable and making sure we always communicate every aspect of their design project effectively.

Entrepreneurship is a never ending learning experience. Do you have a mentor, book or website that you turn to for advice?

Ekiuwa: I have so many mentors in my head, some that I would love to meet someday soon. I love Lara Casey, because of her journey, marriage, and her love for what she does. We Are Branch (Design Studio) - They are what we aspire to be in a few more years, they are professional, proficient, and their aesthetic is UNIVERSAL.

Some say its harder to market a service based business. What techniques have you found to be a success?

It has been nothing but a blessing. We have amazing residents, we treat them with so much care, so we just treat people how we want to be treated.

What technique that has worked for us? Honesty. Passion. Truth.

What mistakes have you made through your journey and what have you learned from it?

Not realizing our worth, lowballing your prices because you didn't go to traditional school for what you know. This gift that we have is from God alone, we have accepted it and we are embracing it.

Embrace your gift whether it is self-taught, or you went to school for it.

Where do you see House of Evbuomwan in 5 years?

Ah! We would love to have our own space for the Design Studio, speaking at Seminars to share our story, cookbooks, and our home decor line.


What advice would you give someone currently wanting to start their own branding and design business?

Pursue your passion, find the design style that works well for you. STUDY IT. BREATHE IT. LIVE IT. BECOME IT. We have stayed up countless of nights studying design + business, reading bios, and perfecting our brand through strategizing and Prayer.

Keep up with The Evbuomwans & House of Evbuomwan through their website, Twitter & Instagram