This weekend was amazing!! I hosted my first Girls Night sleepover in my new place and it felt so good to catch up, eat good and drink ALL the wine! Just what I needed to start this week off fresh.

How was your weekend?


1. Get Photos Taken For #TheEverydayTee. Done! But I after looking back at a few of the photos I def want to take a couple more.

2. Make new necklaces & bracelets for Early August. DONE! You can check them out HERE, HERE annddd HERE.

3. Get blog posts planned for T.A.N & Early August. So I did pretty good planning out posts for last week but def didn't plan any further. Im beginning to think Im not the type of person who can plan posts weeks in advance.


1. Work on new newsletter content. I have sucked lately at sending out my weekly newsletter, mainly because I wasn't sure of what to write. BUT I have a new idea on how to stay consistent & also make it helpful. I want to turn the newsletter into a way for me to answer any questions you may have about business, blogging and pretty much anything under the sun. I'll be talking about it more in this weeks newsletter so sign-up!

2. Mentorship Program. One of my goals for 2015 is to figure out how I can give back. I was extremely inspired by Regina's most recent act of kindness & it got me thinking of about what I could do to help someone who genuinely needed the help. So I have decided to offer a 7 month mentorship opportunity with me to one aspiring or already established entrepreneur/blogger. I'll have more details on how it will work & how to apply this week!

3. Finalize branding for T.A.N. I mentioned last week that I am working through the Love My Brand Kit & it has me wanting to change/update a few things on here. One thing I've learned about branding that it is a never ending process.


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