How I Make Money Blogging

I've been going back and forth with myself for the past few weeks about if I was ready to write this post. I am asked often exactly how I make money blogging and although I'm sure you can search this site and figure it out I have yet to lay it all out there. We all want money but it is sometimes uncomfortable to talk about. But since I'm all about transparency here and not ball-sy enough yet to do a full income report, I figured I'd share exactly how I make money from this blog and what has and hasn't worked for me.

First, a few things you should know....

  • I've been blogging here for 16 months.
  • I never set out to make money from this blog and have only recently began seeing an income the past 6-8 months.
  • Although I do make money from this blog it definitely does not pay all of my bills.

Where the money comes from...

Business Coaching - 65% of income

I don't remember the exact day I launched my coaching services but I think it was around 8 months ago. My one-on one and new group coaching sessions is what brings in the majority of this blogs income.

What I've learned

  • Charge what you're worth! When I first launched my services I was charging $35 for an hour one-on-one session =/
  • Be very very clear about who you are selling to. Confession: I originally wanted to work with any and everyone who wanted to start a business or blog and was getting no where. It was until I became very focused and geared my services towards creative women who wanted to turn their passion into a business that it began to bring in a consistent income.

Ultimate Business Binder - 15%of income

I didn't know what to expect when i released the Ultimate Business Binder but it has been doing pretty well over the past month.

What I've Learned

  • Building anticipation is a must.
  • You can't just release a workbook or e-book without out first showing its value.

Sponsored Posts - 15% of income

This includes posts sponsored by brands from Content Networks that I am apart of like Linqia and also sponsored social media posts from BlogHer's Influencer Network.

What I've Learned

  • This isn't always a guaranteed source of income.
  • Only accept campaigns that you believe can be somehow relevant to your blogs content.

Affiliate Links - 5% of income

The only affiliate that I use often is Amazon. Anytime I write a book review I make sure to include affiliate links.

What I've Learned


What I've Tried That Didn't Work

Sidebar Ads

When I first began monetizing this blog  I was only familiar with bringing in money through offering sidebar ads to bloggers. It worked and I did bring in some money but I stopped because it became too demanding and I didn't feel like I had the time to fully devote to my sponsors.

You should also know...

Most bloggers don't make money solely off of their blog. Many offer different services like business/blog coaching, web design or social media management. Also writing e-books or workbooks is another great way to bring in passive income from your blog. Many other bloggers also make money from different opportunities  that blogging has led them to like hosting events, speaking on panels or creating their own conferences.


P.S 4 Ways To Monetize Your Blog