Weekly Wishes #61

Rings via  Early August

Rings via Early August

Remember last week when I said I wasn't going to work this weekend and actually take some time to rest? Haha..never happened! As I am typing this I am resisting the urge to close my eyes BUT this weekend was productive and I got the chance to see a few friends that I haven't seen in forever so I'd say the bags under my eyes are worth it. How was your weekend?


1. Early August. I worked on my baby a lot last week which I am super proud of! Plus #TheEverydayTee should be arriving at my door step this week! I am so glad to get these things out into the world!

2. Finish up all my work before the weekend. NOPE!


1. Take a nap. Yes this is a real task and yes this may also be the most important task on my list this week. It has been forever since I've had one of those long midday naps after a great lunch and I plan on making it happen this week

2. Work on Early August. Since I have been exploring this whole  minimalist lifestyle (I'll be talking about it more this week!) I wan't my shop to reflect the same. I need to create new marketing materials and clear out old inventory in the shop this week.

3. Have a great webinar! As you may have already heard, Maya of Maya Elious & Blogademics will be co-hosting a FREE webinar this week on how to successfully launch a new product! This is my first webinar so I'm a little nervous about it. If you would like to join in with us, you can still register HERE.


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