#HERSTORY With Author & Entrepreneur Alex Elle

There are a ton of women who literally inspire every single day. They inspire me to bring even my wildest ideas to life and lend me motivation when I need it the most. Sort of like a mentor-in-my-head. One woman who has been a huge inspiration to me for the past couple of years has been Alex Elle. If you have been apart of Instagram for any amount of time then I am sure you have seen her beautiful words while scrolling through your timeline. Since starting her journey, Alex has published two books, Love In My Language & Words From A Wanderer , she is a public speaker and has most recently launched a new business with her daughter, Balm + Co. which will be making its way into Urban Outfitters soon!  To say that I am HONORED to have Alex as my latest #HERSTORY feature would be an understatement! Get to know more about her below!

Taking the leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship is a huge life decision. At what point did you realize you were ready for it?

I realized I was ready when my boss, at the time, called me a "low budget employee." I worked in the non-profit world and decided at that moment it was time to transition out. So long story short, I quit on the spot. Also, my little one was starting kindergarten and I wanted to be home more for her. It was important to me to be around and available as much as I could. Commuting back and forth to DC + missing her morning/evening routines was not an option for me. I didn't want to not have the option to get her ready in the morning or missing homework time in the evening.

You're an amazing author and most recently began a new business with your daughter, how do you balance family time with being a multi-preneur?

Balance, to me, is the recognition that everything takes time. So, with that being said, I plan accordingly. I have always worked for myself, just not full time. I have been a FT entrepreneur, building my brand and dreams, for about 2.5 years now. I have gotten into the swing of things. The first 2 weeks of quitting my day job I slept in, I took my time with my daughter, I did NOTHING while she was at school. I needed that... after those 2 weeks of "off time," work mode kicked in. I started finding out what worked best for me as a woman + mom at home, running multiple ventures. It took some trail and error but timing is everything and at the end of the day, I keep that in mind to be successful + fulfilled.

New brands pop up every day. What do you believe it takes to build a brand that will stand out?

Quality and good intention. If you're doing something for a quick buck it won't last but for a quick second. If you aren't putting good vibes, true talent and purity into your brand it will fade quickly. Quality is so important in this time where EVERYONE wants their hand in the pot.

You have released two books, "Words From A Wanderer" and "Love In My Language". How did you promote/market the launch of those?

I used social media to promote my books. Instagram is awesome and so is twitter! All entrepreneurs should be using social media in some form. It's essential in today's world.

3 Words that describe Alex Elle As An Entrepreneur


In addition to being an amazing entrepreneur, you have built a personal brand that many young women look up to! Do you feel that personal branding is just as important as building your businesses brand?

Yes, of course! My personal brand is me and I am my brand. People support my brands, most likely, because they support me and what I stand for. That is so humbling and I am honored.

What tools do you use to make sure you are getting the most out of your day?

I have set hours that I like to work and I have off/leisure days. For example, I give myself Tuesdays [or Wednesdays] off. My 'work day' is from 10-4 usually. However, I am learning that sometimes I have to alter that. When my kiddo has her activities in the evening, I work a 1/2 day (am) and then when she goes to bed I work the other half of the day at night (pm| which is only a few hours). I don't really have a strict schedule but I do have a regimen that I try to stick with.

A lot of your writing is based on past experiences. How do you decide on what to share and what to keep personal?

It all depends on how I am feeling and setting a good intention behind what I am trying to convey. Everything isn't for everyone so it's easy for me to decipher what's for me only and what to share.

What has been your biggest business mistake and what did you learn from it?

Not managing my money! I had to hire an accountant and that was my saving grace. You cannot run a good and solid brand with funny money. I tell young entrepreneurs all the time, be smart with your money and keep track of it.

What advice would you give a young woman who may be hesitant on taking the leap into entrepreneurship?

Don't let fear win...

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