How To Really Get Sh*T Done In Your Blog Or Business

If you're anything like me, then you suffer from a mild case of...procrastination. The disease that makes our minds drift off, do everything BUT what is on our to-do lists and constantly tells us that it's time for either a nap or to go play outside. Now although there isn't a cure for this sickness, there are a few things we can do to still make sure we are GSD (getting shit done).

1.  Stop making excuses. Let me guess, you cant start on your project because it's currently too cold? Or you cant reply back to those emails because its Friday & you cant concentrate? We all know the majority of the excuses we make for why we "cant even" are all bullsh*t. Once you stop giving in to your excuses you'll be amazed at the things you'll be able to accomplish.

CLICK-TO-TWEET: Don't let excuses, comparison or perfection stop you from getting sh*t done! 

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Nothing will stop you from doing something amazing more than comparing yourself to the next person. It's definitely ok to go to your "sister brands" for inspiration but when it begins to turn into envy or comparison, it's time to step away!

3. Stop waiting for it to be perfect. "It" can be your blog, your business or even that new e-book you've been working on forever. As creatives we have a tendency to want everything to be perfect but we have to keep in mind that perfection is impossible! There will always be flaws and room to get better but nothing will ever be perfect. So don't let that stop you from pushing forward.

4. Just go for it! You never know how amazing something can be unless you put yourself out there and give it a try! I was recently asked how I go about releasing different projects and offerings and one of the reasons is because i'm not afraid of trying. I could put my whole heart into a new project and it totally bomb but there is always that chance that it could be amazing!