So yeah, this weekend my car just died on me..like completely. So the majority of the past few days was spent trying to keep me from falling into a slight depression. But like always I know for a fact it will work out so I'm going into this week hopeful and with a big smile on my face. (but if you feel the need to say a prayer for me this week I would greatly appreciate it!)


1. Find new blogs to follow. I followed a few! Would love more of your suggestions!

2. Find guest post opportunities. I found one but really didn't spend much time on this like I wanted to. Hoping I can spend a little while this week searching.

3. Continue working on business planner. I started creating them over the weekend and hope to have it finished and available by next week! Also I don't think I will keep calling it a planner. After thinking about what i wanted to include I feel its more about organization and less planning. I don't know we'll see.

4. Find a great inexpensive accounting system. I seen something online that my bank offers free Quickbooks so if that's the case obviously that's who i'll be going with!


1. Do better with the Early August blog. Its SO tough keeping up with content for two blogs but I started it so I just cant stop now! My goal is to at least come up with a few post ideas.

2. Work on T.A.N newsletters. I really want to send out exclusive content in my newsletters so I hope to kind of treat it like its just another blog post. If you'd like to sign up feel free to HERE.

3. Finish up Business planner. So yea now more procrastinating, this thing HAS to get done!


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