What To Look For Before Setting Up An Online Shop

So you have this amazing product you have been working on and now you are ready to set up shop & share it with the world. There are literally a TON of different ways you can sell your products online so finding a platform that's a good fit for you and your business can be overwhelming (Trust me I went through a couple before finding the right place for Early August). Here are a few things to look for before opening your virtual doors.

1. Price. You don't want to put in waayy more than you will be getting out of your business. On most sites you pay monthly depending on how many products you want to sell. Shop around to find the best package for you and make sure there are not any hidden fees.

2. Functionality. What types of products are you selling? If you sell digital products that you want your customers to be able to download and print at home, then you want to make sure your platform is able to support that.

3. Design Options. What does your ideal shop look like? Do you want to use your own domain name?  If you've always imagined your online store looking similar to Kate Spade or Madewell then you may not want to sell on a site like Etsy who has very limited design options and no option for you to use your own domain.

4. Payment options. Not how you will pay them but how will you get your money from sales. Do they require you to have an account with Paypal or Stripe or will money be deposited straight into your checking account? You definitely want to be clear on this if not anything else!

5. How does it work with other marketing platforms. If you're setting up shop I'll just assume that you already have social media accounts for your business and are setting up a mailing list. You want to be sure whatever platform you choose will have links to all of this and are easy to find.


  • Etsy. Known for being the worlds largest marketplace for handmade goods.
  • BigCartel. I used this in the early stages of my shop but felt like I was paying too much for limited options. (I can be a bit needy also)
  • SquareSpace. What I currently use for Early August and I absolutely ADORE it
  • Shopify. One of, if not THE most popular e-commerce platforms to sell on. A bit pricey but there are a ton of big brands who use it and it comes with a lot of great features.

The key to finding the perfect platform is to know exactly what you want, take your time and do your research!

What platforms have you tried selling on? Any tips you would add?