7 Extremely Helpful Blog Posts Found Around Pinterest

So if you don't know, Pinterest is my JAM! Not only do I use it like its Google but last month about 40% of my blogs traffic came from it (I'll share more about that in another post)! I am constantly finding amazing posts so I figured i'd share a few of my latest favorites.

1. The Reason You Aren't Making Money Like Other Bloggers || Hobby To Hot

2. How To Pitch Your Dream Project || Design Love Fest

3. Anatomy of A Blog Post With Great SEO || Kristi Murphy

4. HTML Cheat Sheet For Bloggers || The Blog Stylist

5. How To Create A Marketing Calendar For Your Creative Business || Marketing Creativity\

6. How To Make A Printable In Photoshop || Sweet C's Designs

7. How To Promote Your Create Business Online || Tanea

Have you found anything helpful on Pinterest lately?

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