Weekly Wishes #57

I'm officially up to my neck in boxes and random piles of clothes BUT I am ready to move this weekend! It is a bittersweet feeling moving to a "new" city in a new apartment by myself but I am super excited to see where the rest of this year leads me! Also, I applied for an internship to take Marie Forleo's B-School so if you could send all of the positive vibes my way that I get it!


1. Prepare For March Group Session. Almost done! I'll be sharing more details on March's session this week!

2. Finish packing. DONE! Just waiting to get my keys this week!

3. Post at least twice on the Early August blog. I'm actually quite proud of myself for this one! You can check out my latest blog posts HERE & HERE.

4. Catch up on emails. I promise I cleaned out my email and then two days later I was back up to 28 unread messages. It's like a never ending story, man.


1. Have a successful, stress-free move! Not sure if "moving" and "stress-free" is even possible but Im going to speak it into existence and pray it happens. Did I mention me and my little sister are moving on the exact same day to two different cities?! HELP!

2. Finish up the March group coaching session. This months session will be a class on creating an online shop! Ecommerce is a subject that is near and dear to my heart so I want to make sure the course outline is perfect!


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