Learning To Slow Down

The past few weeks feel like they have been non-stop over here. Between packing and getting ready to move in a week, keeping up with this blog and the shop AND prepping to teach my first online class next month I have been exhausted. And even though my body has been telling me that I need to have a seat, I kept going...to the point where I'd have a migraine daily. Thankfully this past snow day we had here in NC stopped me from doing any type of running around so I made it a point to rest and do nothing!

I think as passionate creatives, we love what we do so much that it's almost impossible for us to stop. We always have the urge to learn more, to do more and stay on top of everything revolving around our passion. But we also have to remember that we are human and no matter how much our brains tell us to keep going our body needs rest. I encourage you this weekend to take a moment to slow down and enjoy your surroundings, loved ones and maybe even my favorite links from this week (see what I did there?)

Happy Friday!


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