INSTAGRAM: Perfection vs. Real Life

Everyday I scroll through my Instagram feed and I see the most beautiful photos from other business owners and bloggers that I adore. All of their pictures have the same feel and perfect lighting and also spot on to what their brand is all about. And I want that!

Especially as a business owner who is constantly working on better developing her personal brand. I mean, branding is all about consistency and that should definitely be reflected through out all of your social media accounts. So I gave it a try. I began to actually plan out my Instagram posts, take more pictures with my camera instead of my iPhone and downloaded a ton of photo editing apps. I loved it and even began to see an increase in followers and likes. 


There are those moments when I don't have my camera with me or I wan't to snap a photo of my date night that isn't planned and its nearly impossible to catch the right light. You know the moments that you quickly want to snap and share a photo without having to think twice about it or make sure everything and everyone in the picture is staged properly. The most random pictures of the moments that you never want to forget or risk losing for the sake of a perfect picture. And because my brand is both personal and business it's important for me to share all aspects of my life. And sometimes what goes on behind the scenes here is everything but perfect. 

I am probably thinking way too deep into a social media account but these types of things always gets my brain moving. Instagram brings in a decent amount of traffic to this blog so it important that I brand it the same way that I have done this place? Or because Instagram is a great way for your readers to get to know who you really are behind the scenes is it ok to share those raw moments and photos?

I would love your opinions! Are perfect Instagram accounts (or any social media sites) a poor depiction of what REALLY goes on behind the scenes? Are more real life, raw photos bad for branding?