Weekly Wishes #55

Happy Monday luvahs!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Me and the boo had some much needed chill time together and celebrated our first Valentines Day! I have never been too big on the day but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anticipating on enjoying it with him. We spent the majority of Saturday in bed watching Netflix then headed out to tour a local distillery and enjoyed dinner later that night.

How was your Valentines Day?


1. Do better with the Early August blog. So I got one post up, which is better than the weeks before but definitely not as well as i had hoped. Going to at least think of new topic ideas this week.

2. Work on T.A.N newsletter. Still thinking up new content for this one.

3. Finish up business planner. Almost done! And it should be available this week!


1. Start packing! So I officially move to Raleigh in about 2 weeks! I am over the moon excited to be in my new place and city but I definitely don't want to procrastinate on packing. Plus I need to do a massive purge as well.

2. Do taxes. I haven't been in a rush to even touch this. Taxes are no fun when you already know you wont be getting anything back =/

3. Finish up business binder. I got a chance to knock out a few pages over the weekend but I still have a good chunk of it to complete. Hoping I can have it available by Wednesday! Also I wanted to ask again, the prints will be well over 30 pages long. Would you guys like an option to print it yourself AND an option to have it sent to you? I'm thinking about putting the printed versions into binders with dividers as well.


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