Is Working For Free Ever Ok?

One question I get asked a lot by my clients is if they should give away their services or products away for free in order to spread the word about their brand. And my answer is almost always..NO! I mean, 2015 is the year of Getting Paid What You're Worth! BUT there are two instances where working for free is ok as long as it is benefiting you.

1. If you are launching a new product or service for the first time. When I first launched my coaching services I gave away one session for free. The Benefit: Readers had to follow my social media networks in order to enter the giveaway. (more followers for me) and in return for the session I asked for a testimonial to add to my site (shows other people who may be interested in my services that I actually know what i'm doing).

Whenever I launch a major new product for Early August, I try to collaborate with a blogger for the same benefits above. Of course I only send out a very limited amount of product and I always make sure there will be some sort of feature or giveaway involved that will benefit my brand.

2. The opportunity is too good to pass up. As bloggers, of course we want to get paid for our time especially when it comes to writing guest post. But what if a big brand wants to work with you on something but are not willing to pay? Look at how it will directly benefit you and your blog. Could it bring in more followers or readers? Get the attention of other brands who would like to collab with you? Or lead to bigger opportunities? If the opportunity is absolutely too good to pass up (i'm talking irresistible) then go for it. Trust me, all Target has to do is pay me some attention and I'm running with it!

Now like I said before. You should be getting paid for anything that requires your time and/or resources! And while some opportunities may be too good to pass up, that wont be the case every time. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and ask for proper payment!


P.S How To Price Your Products Or Services And Pay Yourself

P.P.S There are still a couple of spots left for my Group Coaching Session on 2/23! I'd love to have you join in!