How To Get Readers To Share And Interact On Your Blog Posts

One of the many reasons why I keep showing up here everyday is because of the love and interaction I get on my posts. Every time I get the email notification that someone has commented on one of my posts or has shared it on social media, I light up! I mean, no one ever wants to feel like they are just talking (or in our case writing) to themselves. Trust me I've been there.  So how exactly do you get readers to share and interact on your posts? Here are a few tips that have helped me.

1. Ask a question. Many times readers are not too sure exactly how they should comment on a post. Make it easier for them and ask a question at the end. You can ask for their opinion or if they can relate to your post in any way.

2. Add Click-to-Tweet. A quick and simple way to get your posts shared by your readers on Twitter is to add Click-to-Tweet to your posts. It allows you to create a customized message that you want your readers to share and insert it into your post. And all your readers have to do is click on it! If I'm not mistaken, they offer a plug-in as well for Wordpress users.

CLICK-TO-TWEET: Using Click-to-Tweet is a great way to get your readers to share your blog posts!

See! Easy, right?

3. Make it personal. Something I always tell my coaching clients is that people will connect with another person before they connect with a brand. Building a personal connection with your readers builds trust and will make them want to open up and comment as well.

4. Reply to comments. You know you don't like talking to yourself and neither will your readers. If someone leaves a genuine comment on your blog, take the time to reply. Trust me it goes a long way and will continue to bring readers back.

5. Share their posts. I believe if you do good things, then good things will come back to you. Well same thing goes for blogging. If you want your readers to get active on your blog and start sharing your posts, then do the same for them! 

How do you get readers to interact on or share your blog posts?