The Non-Fashion Bloggers Guide To Writing Style Posts

I am in no way shape or form a fashion blogger but for the past few months I have been doing style posts over on the Early August blog. Why? You ask. Well because one of my mentors suggested that a great way for me to market my jewelry would be to show how I style it on daily basis. People are more likely to buy a product if they see how well it looks on someone else. And since the brand was created for the "everyday girl" who loves her simple style (read: jeans and a tee) I figured it was a great way to remind people what Early August is all about. 

And I mean, who doesn't love playing dress up?!

Anyways, just because you may not be a fashion blogger doesnt mean you can't show off your style every once in a while. I'm definitely not a pro but I've learned a few things over the past few months about writing style posts.

1. Wear what you love and are most comfortable in. Like I said before, I created Early August for the "everyday girl" and girls like me who feel most comfortable and beautiful in their jeans and t-shirts. Its what I love and am most comfortable in so 9 times out of 10 that's what my style posts feature. If you walk like a baby deer in heels, try wearing flats or something you won't be afraid of falling over in! If you are uncomfortable or don't like what you're wearing, it will show in your pictures.

2. Don't shop outside of your means. Lets be real, we all can't afford Gucci shoes and Prada bags. If you are a Forever21, H&M or Target shopper like I am, wear it with pride! Don't put yourself in an awkward financial position just for "style".

3. Natural light is everything. Try taking pictures outside or somewhere where you get a ton of natural light. This makes your pictures look sharp, vibrant and you won't have to add a bunch of artificial light when editing. I particularly like taking photos an hour or two before the sun goes down and when there is an overcast.

4. Try out different angles and poses. You are showing off the outfit so try different poses that will give your readers the full outfit experience. I love taking a few straight on pics and then a couple from the side. A blogger who is AMAZING at this is Sheryl from Walk In Wonderland.

5. Don't forget the details! Things like accessories or that gorgeous handmade bag are hard to see in a full outfit picture. Try taking some close ups to show off those details.

6. Don't go crazy with your backgrounds. Keep your backgrounds simple so that it doesnt take away your readers focus from your outfit. Try shooting in front of trees or buildings that are not too busy.

7. Find inspiration form your "sister brands". Trying to figure out the right pose, lighting, or how to edit your photos can be frustrating. I spoke a little yesterday about "sister brands" but basically they are style bloggers who you can look up to for inspiration (here are a couple of my favorites) BUT PLEASE don't start comparing yourself to them!

8. Don't forget to actually write. Yes your style posts will be mostly pictures but don't forget you actually have to form a few sentences too. One thing I love about some of my favorite fashion bloggers is that they always include links to where they purchased their clothing. Also you can write about what inspired that outfit, if its perfect for a certain event or outing or maybe focus on a specific piece and talk about that. Blogging = Writing.

9. Have Fun! If you really enjoy what you're doing it shouldn't be all stuffy and serious. Have fun, try out different styles and try not to get so caught up in creating the perfect picture!