Happy Monday!! I had a great weekend back at home relaxing and catching up on movies with my mama! I also got a chance to try on some t-shirt samples for Early August and I may have found THE ONE. Last week I talked about how scared I was to launch these but I'm happy to be putting my plan back into motion! 

How was your weekend?


1. Apartment hunt. So this got put on hold last week due to some issues that I had with my car but I did get a chance to check out one that I absolutely LOVED but it was a bit pricey :( Hoping I'll have better luck as I get closer to my official move date.

2. Work on Monthly Business Planner. I have it outlined!! Hoping I can start on the content and layout this week.

3. Order new supplies for Early August. Ok this didn't happen either (last week was hectic ya'll) but it has to happen this week!


1. Find new blogs to follow. I did somewhat of a BlogLovin' purge and now I'm on the hunt to follow a few amazing lifestyle and business blogs. What are your favs?

2. Find guest post opportunities. One of my goals for 2015 is to expand my network. So I'm looking for a few blogs who would be willing to let me talk about all things blogging and business!

3.Continue working on business planner. This week I wan't to work on content and hopefully getting to the layout.Question, the planner will be something you can put into your own binder, would you rather have it mailed to you or sent a link for you to download and print yourself?

4. Find a great inexpensive accounting system. So I think I did a pretty good job last year with keeping up with my expenses and income but I wan't something that will input it all for me. I'll be looking into something like Freshbooks or Quickbooks.


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