4 Motivating Reasons To Start A Business In 2015

So you've been sitting on this business idea. Thinking, planning, going back and forth with yourself about if you should do it or if its even worth the investment and your time. Well girl, let me tell you..you should go for it! And anytime you act on something you"re passionate about it will ALWAYS be worth it! So if you're still debating on that amazing business idea of yours here are a few reasons why you should get started NOW rather than later.

1. You have a gift worth sharing. All of us have a gift whether we have discovered what it is yet or not. And I truly feel like its our right to share that gift with the world! You never know, maybe that business idea of yours is your special gift!

2. Extra income. Let me be honest, when I first started my business it was only to bring in extra income along with my full-time job. I never expected for it to become my full-time gig. Starting a business even as just a side hustle can help you get closer to your financial goals, pay off debt sooner or even take that dream vacation.

3. A job isn't guaranteed. Not to scare you but jobs are not as secure as they used to be. By starting your own business, it could help with your income just in case the unfortunate happens or you decide to take a new path like I did.

4. Freedom. As an entrepreneur you will have the freedom of making your own hours, working from where ever you desire and ultimately taking control of your own life. No more being told when to go or when to start.

Creating a plan for your idea and then putting that idea into action can be a terrifying but trust me it is all very worth it! Ignore those doubts in your head and just go for it! You never know where it could lead you a year from now.


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