Happy Monday ladies! 

This weekend was spent relaxing, eating great food and ice skating for the first time in like 8494859 years. Nerve wracking but fun! This week my little daily routine will be changing dramatically (i'll hopefully write more about that later) so my goals are going to be a little lighter this week.


1. Work on Early August t-shirts. I did but ya'll I never realized how much work its going to take to make these things happen with all of the details that I wan't. I have decided though to start out with just basic tees before introducing graphic tees.

2. Get posts planned for T.A.N and Early August. So i got all of the posts thought out for this blog but I'm still working on Early August posts.


1. Get all blog posts and social media scheduled for the week before Wednesday. Like I said my daily routine will be changing this week so I wan't to get all of the blog stuff out of the way before then.

2. Outline Monthly Business planner. For a long time now I have been wanting to create somewhat of a planner or binder for business owners to plan out their business, create actionable goals and keep track of things like expenses and monthly statistics. Up until now I have been hesitant about starting it because of all I have left to do for Early August but I promised myself I would just go for it this year. Right now I wan't to make sure I have the outline together before I take steps to getting it printed.


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