7 Books To Help You Start Your Business Or Blog

A few days ago Mariah wrote "What To Read When You Are Ready To Start A Business" and it got me thinking about the books that helped me on my journey. I didn't go to business school, never even took a business class so when I opened my shop (the first one, not Early August) I had no clue what I was doing! And I had a blog a few years ago but didn't know about anything other than writing a blog post, so when I started T.A.N it was like being introduced to a whole new world.

Anyways, whenever I come across something that I eagerly want to know more about the first thing I do is find a book. So here are a few that got me started in my early days of business and blogging and one that I am eagerly wanting to read.

This book shows you exactly how to go from idea to business but from a womans point of view!

If you only have $10 left to your name but wan't to start a business this should be your first investment. This book shows you exactly how to name, form and market your business. I have the majority of it highlighted and tabbed and still use it as a reference today.

This book is where I have got a lot of my marketing and pricing advice for my jewelry. Its just for anyone wanting to sell accessories but the Start Up series has similar books for literally every industry imaginable.

I love this book because its centered around turning your passion into a profitable business. Kimberly takes you from figuring out your passion to creating a plan to putting that plan into action.

If you've been blogging for any amount of time then I'm sure you have heard of Blog, Inc by the amazing Joy Cho. It's a great step by step guide for anyone wanting professional advice on how to start a blog and potentially grow it into a business.

Starting a business or blog means putting your product or yourself out there. This amazing guide shows you exactly how to pitch your product to magazines and blogs. I've even used it to pitch myself.

I haven't read this one yet but I've literally had like 5 people suggest it to me in the past month. Another great resource for anyone looking to turn their blog into a business..


P.S 6 Books Written Just For Creative-preneurs