Ya'll! Stop what you are doing right now because there is a boy on the blog! No not like that calm down. But he is a boy and he's going to talk business to you! I'll let Jeff take it away!

Try not to dig too deep into the title but if you're one of those people and it's too late, I'm definitely talking to you. Listen, everybody has great ideas. Great ideas are the reason why we have genius companies like Apple or Nike. Anything that exist today started off as an idea but we can't be so predictable to say great ideas create great brands.

Ideas are only as great as the person who is executing them. This means when it comes to developing what you believe to be the next big thing, ask yourself a series of questions:

How GREAT was my research to support this GREAT idea?

Have I surrounded myself with GREAT people to execute this GREAT idea?

Do I have a GREAT plan or strategy?

People are so quick to tell you their great idea but their plan of action will tell you everything you need to know. It's almost like a person who exercises daily but only chooses to focus on one aspect of their body. You have to take focus on everything as whole when building your brand and not just the idea. How you chose to market that idea or who it is you're marketing to, distribution channels, having an effective team, your presentation, how well you're communicating with your audience, do you have a story, is it believable and etc.

Could you imagine Steve Jobs giving a lecture about the iPhone and the phone hasn't been created yet or Pharrell Williams trying to score a film and all he has is a script that isn't completed yet? Would you buy into that? Do you trust that?

New rule, don't even call your company a brand if you haven't done the brand work. Take your time and think everything through accordingly. Someone who knows exactly what I'm talking about is the Godfather of Streetwear, Shawn Stussy. I will end with this quote from him,

"So as you’re developing your brand, what I think I’m trying to say is you don’t know what’s going to resonate. You don’t know what’s going to stand the test of time and one thing I want to point out is, the building of a brand from my perspective. You don’t start and say I’m building a brand. You start a project and you're passionate about that project and you live that project and you work your ass off for that project and to me, the goal is getting the brand. Today, everybody’s starting a brand and I get that but the wording bothers me because the brand is the prize at the end of doing the right thing and being passionate about what you do."


Jeffrey Whaley Jr., 24, is a New York-native with a passion for developing content through journalismphotography and videography. His love for attending music concerts, art gallery openings and pop-up events has inspired him to make the transition from being a consumer of culture to now a contributor. Currently, he operates his own media brandJeffStashBox where he documents culture happening around him as well as conducts interviews with today's up-and-coming tastemakers.